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Bohemian-Czech Braided Egg Bread Recipe
This rich, eggy, slightly sweet yeast bread exists in almost every Eastern European culture. Typically, it's braided and can be made with or without raisins.
How to Make Braided Egg Bread - Step-by-Step Instructions for ...
These step-by-step photo instructions will help you make braided egg bread known variously as houska, chalka and challah.
Croatian Braided Christmas Wreath Bread Recipe - Bozic Pletenica ...
This recipe for Croatian braided Christmas wreath bread or bozic pletenica is a slightly sweet yeast bread with citrus zest and spices.
10 Recipes for Braided Breads - Bread Baking - About.com
Once you start breading bread dough, you'll never want to stop! Braided breads are a beautiful addition to any family dinner or outing. The braids are easy to ...
Braided Rosemary Bread - Bread Baking - About.com
Braided rosemary bread is a delicious dinner bread that can be served with many meals.
Cinnamon Nut Braided Bread - Breakfast and Dessert Yeast Bread
What I love most about cinnamon breads is that I can serve them after dinner and again in the morning for breakfast. This loaf of cinnamon nut bread has the ...
Braided White Bread Recipe for Pasta and Soup - Bread Baking
Looking for the perfect bread to serve with your soup or pasta dinner? Braided white bread is the perfect tear-apart bread to serve at intimate dinner settings and  ...
Braided Farmer's Cheese Bread Recipe - Bread Baking - About.com
This recipe uses farmer's cheese, a semi-soft cheese with a mild flavor that can be tasted in the bread. The braided loaves feature a chewy crust and richly soft ...
Cheddar Swiss Braided Bread - Easy Cheese Bread Recipe
Cheesy breads can accompany so many different types of meals - from lunch to dinner, from pasta to chicken. This beautiful loaf of bread is braided, making it ...
Braided Sabbath (3 Egg Challah) Bread Recipe - Bread Baking
Sabbath bread is a delicious white, egg bread that can be served for dinner and is great for snacking and picnics.
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