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How to Make Polish Crullers (Chrusciki) - Eastern European Food
These step-by-step photo instructions walk you through the preparation of Polish- style crullers known as chrusciki or chrust faworki.
Polish Chrusciki or Crullers Recipe - Eastern European Food
Polish crullers, known as chrusciki, are a favorite fried Polish dessert popular especially at the holidays and for weddings. They are also known as angel wings .
Chrusciki - Eastern European Food - About.com
Polish chrusciki are fried strips of dough that look like bow ties and are a favorite dessert for Fat Tuesday, holidays and at weddings.
How to Roll and Cut Polish Chrusciki Cruller Dough - The Steps to ...
Roll the dough for Polish chrusciki crullers to 1/8 inch thickness, then cut into 2- inch strips and then into 4-inch diagonal strips.
How to Form the Chrusciki Dough into Bows - Eastern European Food
Make a slit in the center of each 2-inch strip of chrusciki dough and slip one end into the hole and pull the dough through to the other side to form a bow.
Fry Chrusciki in Hot Oil Until Golden Brown - Eastern European Food
Fry Polish chrusciki crullers in 350-degree oil for 1 minute or less per side or until golden brown.
Calories in Chrusciki | Nutrition and Health Facts
Want to learn how to make Chrusciki? Get the best easy recipes for Chrusciki from Calorie Count.
How to Make Polish Crullers - Chrusciki - Eastern European Food
After frying Polish chrusciki crullers, dust with confectioners' sugar or drizzle with honey for a nice presentation.
Polish Easter Dessert Recipes - Eastern European Food - About.com
Traditionally, chrusciki, fried pastries known also as chrust faworki, which means "pastry twigs," are associated with the pre-Lenten feasting of Shrove Tuesday ...
Popular Polish Dessert Recipes List - Eastern European Food
Because these light-as-air fried bow knot pastries, known as chrusciki, are a little labor intensive to make, they are typically only served on special occasions like ...
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