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Pierogi Dough Recipe - Recipe for Cream Cheese Pierogi Dough
This pierogi dough recipe uses cream cheese as one of its ingredients.
Polish Cream Cheese Cookies (Kołaczki) Recipe
My family always preferred the flaky kind made with a cream cheese dough, and apricot, raspberry, prune and sweet cheese were our fillings of choice.
Polish Pierogi Dough And Filling Recipes And How-ToTips
Pierogi dough can be as simple as a flour-egg-water combination or made with sour cream, cream cheese, potatoes or be dairy- and egg-free. Pierogi fillings ...
Cream Cheese Cookies Recipe for Cookie Press - Home Cooking
Try this cream cheese dough in your cookie press for fabulous cookies for the holidays or any special occasion.
List of Different Kolaczki Cookie Recipes - Eastern European Food
The dough can be made with cream cheese, sour cream, ice cream or yeast. They exist in most Eastern European cuisines and are spelled variously as kołaczki ...
Recipe for Sour Cream Pierogi Dough - Eastern European Food
This pierogi dough uses sour cream as one of its ingredients. ... Cream Cheese Pierogi Dough Recipe · No Egg/No Dairy Pierogi Dough Recipe · Potato Pierogi  ...
Cheese Briouats - Moroccan Pastries with Cream Cheese
Cream cheese makes a simple and delicious filling for these fried Moroccan pastries. ... With scissors, cut the pastry dough into strips about two inches wide.
Polish Pierogi Dough Recipes - Eastern European Food - About.com
Here you will find recipes for different kinds of pierogi doughs. ... This pierogi dough uses cream cheese, butter and sour cream in its list of ingredients. Share ...
Homemade Pittsburgh Pierogies With Sour Cream Recipe
Sour cream in the dough is a favorite secret of many Pittsburgh pierogi makers. ... ingredients for filling of your choice (potato & cheese filling recipe below).
Jewish Rugelach Recipe - Eastern European Food - About.com
This recipe for Jewish rugelach is made with a cream cheese dough like Polish kolaczki, roszke or roski, also known as "little horns," and Hungarian Kifli.
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