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Almond Crescent Cookies Recipe - Recipe for Polish Rogaliki or ...
This recipe for almond crescent cookies - Polish rogaliki - get their "little horns" name from their shape when baked.
Eastern European Filled Crescent Cookie (Rosky) Recipe
Rosky are flaky crescent-shaped cookies that can be filled with a walnut or fruit filling.
Balkan Walnut Crescent Cookies Recipe - Eastern European Food
This old, traditional recipe for walnut crescent cookies is common throughout the Balkans and throughout the world. Kifle are sometimes made with a yeast ...
Pecan Crescent Cookies with Powdered Sugar Recipe
Pecan crescent cookies, made with butter, chopped pecans, flour, vanilla, and confectioners sugar. A pecan cookie recipe with butter.
Cream Cheese Crescent Cookies - Southern Food - About.com
Cream cheese cookie recipe with butter and sugar and flavorings, dipped in chocolate or vanilla.
Mexican Crescent Cookies - Mexican Food - About.com
These delicious and sweet crescent cookies are a favorite in my home. The dough is great to make all kinds of shapes with, so the kids have fun making all kinds ...
Hazelnut Holiday Crescent Cookies Recipe
Nut crescents are cookies made with 3 different kinds of chopped nuts, including hazelnuts or ... Nut Crescent Cookies with Pecans, Almonds, and Hazelnuts.
Almond Crescent Cookies with Vanilla Recipe - Southern Food
Almond crescents, from Monajean. This almond crescent cookie recipe is an excellent choice for holiday baking.
Vanilla Sables - Vanilla Crescent Cookie Recipe - Moroccan Food
Surprisingly easy to make, these delicious, crescent-shaped butter cookies are rolled in vanilla-flavored sugar and drizzled with chocolate. They make a ...
Almond Crescent Cookies with Vanilla Recipe - Southern Food
Almond crescent cookies recipe with almonds and a combination of vanilla and almond flavoring. The cookies are rolled in confectioners' sugar after baking.
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