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Difference Between Fruit Butters, Marmalades, Jams, Jellies
Before refrigeration, Eastern Europeans preserved the fresh fruit flavor of summer by making butters, conserves, curds, jams, jellies, marmalades and preserves.
Jams, Jellies, Fruit Butter Recipes - Recipes for Jams, Jellies ...
Here you will find recipes for jams, jellies and other conserves.
Fruit Jellies - Candy - About.com
Try making a few different varities to serve together. Also experiment with different shapes, and with rolling the jellies in sugar and leaving them plain.
How to Make Herbal Jellies - Gardening - About.com
This winter, treat yourself to the flavor of fresh herbs from your garden by mixing up some herbal jellies and jams. Great gift idea, too.
Jams, Jellies and Preserves - Southern Food - About.com
Home Canning: Sweet Cherry Jam · Make this sweet cherry jam extra special with Kirsch. Cherry jam recipe with chopped fresh cherries, almond extract, and ...
English Jams, Jellies and Preserves - British & Irish Food - About.com
Recipes for jams, jellies and preserves. British & Irish Food Categories. An Introduction to British Food and Irish Food · A - Z British and Irish Recipe Index ...
How to Test Homemade Jellies for the Gel Point - Food Preservation
How to test homemade jellies to know when they have reached the jell point.
Double Fruit Jellies - Candy - About.com
Chewy, sweet and tart, these beautiful two-toned jellies feature two layers flavored with real fruit juice.
Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Recipe - Home Cooking - About.com
Ingredients. Bottom Layer: 6 ounces special dark or semi-sweet chocolate, chopped; 2 Tablespoons shortening (not butter or margarine); 2 ounces food- grade ...
Preserve Recipes for Pickles, Jellies and Jams - British & Irish Food
Preserve Recipes. Recipes for Preserves: Pickles, Jellies and Jams and More. By Elaine Lemm · British & Irish Food Expert. Share this ...
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