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Polish Cheese Babka Recipe - Babka Ser - Eastern European Food
Polish cheese babka or babka ser is made with a sweet yeast-raised dough and farmers cheese filling.
Polish Nalesniki (Sweet Cheese Filling) Recipe
Polish nalesniki come in savory and sweet varieties. This sweet cheese filling is for sweet nalesniki, also known as Polish blintzes or filled crepe.
Polish Cheese Sweet Rolls Recipe - Eastern European Food
This recipe for Polish cheese sweet rolls or drozdzowki z serem is made with a slightly sweet yeast dough and is topped with sweet cheese curd filling.
Wheel Cake Recipe - Polish Kolacz Weselny - Eastern European Food
Cheese kolacz is a yeast-raised coffee cake similar in texture to Polish babka that was often served as the wedding cake in the old days.
Polish Nalesniki Savory Cheese Filling Recipe - Recipe for Polish ...
Savory cheese filling goes well with savory Polish nalesniki, also known as Polish blintzes or filled crepes. Once filled and rolled, they can be baked or pan fried, ...
Polish Sweet Cheese-Raisin Pierogi and Nalesniki Filling Recipe ...
Polish pierogi and nalesniki come in savory and sweet varieties. This sweet cheese filling can be made with currants or raisins.
Traditional Polish Cheesecake (Sernik) Recipe
This recipe for traditional Polish cheesecake or sernik (SEHRR-neek) has a sweet pastry crust and a quark or farmers cheese filling, known as twarˇg ...
Polish Blackberry-Cream Cheese Coffee Cake Recipe - Placek Z ...
This recipe for Polish Blackberry-Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, or placek z jagodami i serem, sports a glaze. The cake's delicate crumb and fresh-fruit taste would ...
Top Polish-Style Cheesecake Recipes - Eastern European Food
Cheesecakes are a national dish of Poland and exist in every Eastern European cuisine. The cheese typically used is dry curd cheese, not cream cheese as in ...
Jewish Cheese Babka Recipe - Eastern European Food - About.com
Jewish cheese babka is made in a loaf pan instead of the fluted pan Poles use. ... cinnamon and almond varieties and, in my opinion, surpasses most Polish ...
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