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Polish Crepes (Thin Naleśniki) Recipe - Eastern European Food
Polish naleśniki (nah-lesh-NEE-kee) are crepe-like pancakes that can be made thin, as in this recipe, or thick. When they are filled with jam, fruit, or sweet or ...
Polish Nalesniki Recipes - Eastern European Food - About.com
Polish crepes or blintzes are known as nalesniki. They can be stuffed with sweet or savory fillings, and rolled or folded.
Polish Nalesniki (Sweet Cheese Filling) Recipe
Polish nalesniki come in savory and sweet varieties. This sweet cheese filling is for sweet nalesniki, also known as Polish blintzes or filled crepe.
Polish Crepes Recipe - Thick Polish Nalesniki or Crepes Recipe
Polish nalesniki are crepe-like pancakes. They can be made thick or thin. This recipe is for the thicker variety that are very substantial and can be eaten as a ...
Polish Nalesniki Savory Cheese Filling Recipe - Recipe for Polish ...
Savory cheese filling goes well with savory Polish nalesniki, also known as Polish blintzes or filled crepes. Once filled and rolled, they can be baked or pan fried, ...
Polish Sweet Cheese-Raisin Pierogi and Nalesniki Filling Recipe ...
Polish pierogi and nalesniki come in savory and sweet varieties. This sweet cheese filling can be made with currants or raisins.
Polish Nalesniki Sausage Filling Recipe - Eastern European Food
Polish nalesniki come in savory and sweet varieties. This smoked kielbasa sausage filling is for savory nalesniki.
Savory Fillings for Pierogi Nalesniki and Krokiety
Here you will find recipes for savory fillings for pierogi and other Eastern European dumplings, nalesniki and other Eastern European crepes and croquettes.
Pierogi and Nalesniki Meat Filling Recipe - Eastern European Food
Here's an easy meat filling recipe for pierogi or nalesniki that uses cooked ground meat (beef, lamb, veal or poultry), onion, egg and broth.
Polish Blueberry Pierogi, Nalesniki, Uszka Filling Recipe - Eastern ...
This blueberry pierogi filling recipe also can be used in nalesniki, uszka, varenyky, koldunai and other Eastern European dumpling recipes.
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