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Recipes for Eastern European Nut Rolls - Eastern European Food
Nut rolls are common throughout Europe and, generally, they refer to walnut- filled pastry dough, either in a log or round shape. Technically, any nut can be used.
About Eastern European Nut Rolls - Eastern European Food
Nut rolls are a popular dessert throughout Eastern Europe typically made with a yeast-risen dough and walnuts. Nut rolls have earned such revered status, they ...
Croatian-Serbian Sour Cream Nut Roll Recipe
To ensure against leaks, this nut roll can be baked in greased loaf pans. For a gluten-free version, check out Teri Gruss' Gluten-Free Nut Rolls Recipe.
Serbian Nut Roll Recipe - Eastern European Food - About.com
Many nut rolls I've tasted have a dry, flavorless dough. But not Sophia Saliwonczyk's. The crumb is moist and tender. She says with a wink that it's even better ...
Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian Nut Roll Recipe - Eastern European Food
Nutroll Recipe #1. By Barbara Rolek · Eastern European Food Expert. Share this. Send to ... Serbian Nutrolls. 2009 Barbara Rolek licensed to About.com, Inc.
Serbian / Croatian Gluten-Free Nut Rolls - Gluten-Free Cooking
Our accomplished Eastern European Food Expert, Barbara Rolek recently contacted me to ask if I could develop a gluten-free version of her very popular ...
Serbian Nut Roll Recipe - Eastern European Food - About.com
These dedicated women volunteer at least three times a year to make thousands of nut rolls, strudels and palachinke as a fundraiser. Some cooks use honey in ...
Cinnamon Raisin Nut Rolls Recipe
Cinnamon Raisin Nut Rolls Recipe. These are crispy, buttery, and sweet. A few simple ingredients whizzed in the food processor and rolled in buttered phyllo ...
How to Make Traditional Nutroll - Keeping Time-Honored Culinary ...
Making nutroll the Old World way is a dying art. But church-affiliated women's guilds across the country keep the tradition alive and well. They are constantly in  ...
Bubbas Home Baked Nut Rolls - Eastern European Food - About.com
This is a review of Bubba's Home Baked Rolls, which come in walnut, apricot, prune, cherry, poppyseed and more.
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