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Traditional Polish Pączki (Doughnuts) Recipe
Paczki or Polish doughnuts are eaten on Fat Thursday in Poland and Fat Tuesday in the United States.
Baked, Lower-Fat Paczki (Polish Doughnuts) Recipe
This is a baked pączki recipe for Polish bismarcks, also known as doughnuts, which are eaten on Fat Tuesday or Pączki Day in America and on Fat Thursday in ...
How to Make Maria's Polish Paczki or Doughnuts
These step-by-step instructions show how to make Polish doughnuts known as paczki.
Paczki - How to Make Paczki Recipe Video
Learn how to make paczki, a light and delicious fried Polish pastry, similar to an American jelly doughnut. There's nothing like a plate of warm, freshly made ...
What is Paczki (Pączki) Day? - Eastern European Food - About.com
PÄ…czki Day is the Polish celebration of Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, the last chance to indulge before the fasting days of Lent. Paczki or fried bismarck- like ...
Celebrating Paczki Day in Northeast Ohio - Cleveland - About.com
Paczki, pronounced PUNCH-key, are Polish jelly-filled doughnuts, traditionally served just prior to Lent. Learn where to find them in Cleveland and NE Ohio.
Paczki Day 2014 in Hamtramck and Detroit - About.com
Paczki Day, aka Fat Tuesday, is a two-day pre-Lent celebration in Hamtramck and Detroit in honor of the Paczki, a fried doughnut filled with plum preserves.
paczki - Eastern European Food - About.com
Paczki are fried yeast cakes eaten by Poles on Fat Tuesday.
Polish Doughnuts Recipe #2 - Traditional Paczki Recipe
This recipe for Polish paczki is from Maria Slabodnik Sielewicz of Northwest Indiana. Unlike this Paczki Recipe, Maria's recipe uses whole eggs, and she makes ...
How to Fill Polish Paczki with Jam
Using tongs, remove the paczki to a paper-towel-lined sheet pan. When cool enough to handle, use a sharp paring knife or small serrated knife to make a 1 ...
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