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Top Plum Recipes - Top Eastern European Plum Recipes
Eastern Europeans are fresh fruit lovers and plums find their way into a dizzying array of recipes. The most common plum used is the damson, a small, oval ...
Polish Plum Cake (Placek z Sliwkami) Recipe
This quick and easy recipe for Polish Plum Cake makes good use of an abundance of fresh fruit (plums, nectarines, peaches, apples) or it can be made with ...
Croatian Plum Dumplings - Knedle s Sljivama Recipe
Croatian plum dumplings, known as knedle s sljivama, are made with a mashed potato dough and are coated with buttered bread crumbs and sugar.
Plum Recipes - Frugal Living - About.com
May 24, 2014 ... Blessed with bushels of plums? Here are recipes to help you use them up:
Stewed Plum Recipe with Cinnamon and Sugar - Southern Food
Serve stewed plums along with breakfast or as a dessert with cream or whipped topping. Stewed plums recipe with sugar.
Plum and Prune Recipes - Home Cooking
Plum and Prune Recipes for home cooking. These plum recipes include both sweet and savory dishes. You'll also find prune recipes mixed in.
Recipe for Basic Plum Chutney with Currants
Plum chutney is a great way to preserve a prolific plum harvest; try it with roasted pork or chicken.
Plum Jam Recipe - Jam and Jelly Recipes
Plum Jam Recipe. Take advantage of fresh plums in season to make delicious plum jam.
Fresh Plum Crumble with Crisp Topping - Southern Food - About.com
Plum crumble, made with fresh plums, brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, and other ... A plum crumble recipe, or plum crisp, made with fresh plums and a crunchy ...
Pork Tenderloin Recipe - Rosemary Plum Pork ... - American Food
A coulis is a simple sauce made with a fruit puree. The plums in this pork tenderloin recipe are scented with rosemary, and used to create a very unique sauce.
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