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Popular Polish Dessert Recipes List - Eastern European Food
As you might expect, desserts vary from region to region in Poland, but the items on this list of favorite Polish dessert recipes seem to be universal throughout the ...
Polish Desserts - Polish Cakes Cookies Pies Tarts Tortes Desserts
Here you will find many recipes for Polish desserts.
Traditional Polish Holiday Dessert Recipes Collection
My Polish family started baking for Christmas around St. Nicholas Day, Dec. 6. The tasty ... Polish Christmas Dessert Recipes - Swiateczne Desery. By Barbara ...
Polish Papal Cream Cake (Kremowka Papieska) Recipe
This recipe for Polish cream cake has been renamed papal cream cake or kremowka papieska when it was learned the late Pope John Paul II loved this dessert.
Polish Easter Dessert Recipes - Eastern European Food - About.com
Polish desserts are varied and delicious. These are some of the more popular ones for Easter. Probably the most conspicuous of all the desserts is the Easter ...
Polish Cream Cheese Cookies (Kołaczki) Recipe
Polish kolaczki are flaky little pastries, sometimes considered cookies, filled with fruit, cheese, nut or poppyseed pastes. ... Desserts · Polish Desserts ...
Polish Apple Cake (Placek z Jabłka) Recipe - Eastern European Food
Polish apple cake - placek z jabłka (plaht-SEK zhe YAH-boo-kah) - and Polish cheesecake - sernik (SEHR-nik) - are two of the most frequently seen desserts at  ...
Polish Dried Fruit Compote Recipe
Polish dried fruit compote, known as kompot, is a traditional dessert for Christmas Eve, known as wigilia.
Polish Chrusciki or Crullers Recipe - Eastern European Food
Polish crullers, known as chrusciki, are a favorite fried Polish dessert popular especially at the holidays and for weddings. They are also known as angel wings .
Polish Sernik (Cheesecake) Recipe - Eastern European Food
Polish cheesecake -- sernik -- is a dessert you will see no matter what part of Poland you happen to visit. But, as you might expect, there is an infinite number of ...
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