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What Is Potica or Povitica? - Eastern European Foods - About.com
Potica or povitica is a yeast-raised dough rolled around a sweet or savory filling.
Slovenian Pumpkin Seed Potica Recipe - Eastern European Foods
This Pumpkin Seed Potica Recipe is just one type of potica or povitica, which is a yeast-raised dough rolled around a sweet or savory filling.
Serbian Nut Roll Recipe - Recipe for Walnut Potica or Povitica or ...
Many nut rolls I've tasted have a dry, flavorless dough. But not Sophia Saliwonczyk's. The crumb is moist and tender. She says with a wink that it's even better ...
Strawberry Hill Povitica Review - Eastern European Foods - About ...
Povitica or potica is a Serbian / Croatian / Slovak rolled pastry. In addition to traditional walnut filling, the Strawberry Hill company has added cream cheese, ...
Potica Cake Recipes - Busy Cooks - About.com
Searching for wonderful old-fashioned recipes? Try Potica Cake, a take-off on the classic Polish coffeecake, but much easier to make.
How to Make Cheese Strudel - Step-by-Step Instructions for How to ...
Potica RecipeSaliwonczyk's Serbian Nut Roll RecipeSweet Cabbage Strudel ... Polish Poppyseed Roll RecipeCheese Strudel Filling RecipeWhat Is Potica.
Serbian / Croatian Gluten-Free Nut Rolls - Gluten-Free Cooking
Our accomplished Eastern European Food Expert, Barbara Rolek recently contacted me to ask if I could develop a gluten-free version of her very popular ...
Slovenian Desserts - Eastern European Foods - About.com
Slovenian Pumpkin Seed Potica Recipe - Potica iz Bucnih Semen This Pumpkin Seed Potica Recipe is just one type of potica or povitica, which is a yeast-raised ...
All About Eastern European Nut Rolls - Eastern European Foods
They are known as potica (poh-TEET-sah), gubana, gubanica in Slovenian, strucla orzechami in Polish, orechovnik in Slovak, povitica (poh-vee-TEET-sah) in  ...
How to Make Cheese Strudel - Eastern European Foods - About.com
More Eastern European Rolled Dessert Recipes. Potica Recipe · Saliwonczyk's Serbian Nut Roll Recipe · Sweet Cabbage Strudel Recipe ...
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