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Hungarian Sour Cherry Cake (Meggyes Lepeny) Recipe
This Hungarian sour cherry cake recipe or meggyes lepeny is a simple dessert featuring sour cherries.
Polish Sour Cherry Compote Recipe - Eastern European Foods
Polish sour cherry compote recipe or kompot z wisni is typically served on its own as a dessert or as a dessert sauce with sernik, pound cake or ice cream.
Hungarian Sour Cherry Yeast Cake Recipe - Eastern European Foods
This Hungarian sour cherry cake recipe or meggyes lepeny is a simple dessert featuring sour cherries and made with yeast.
Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet - Greek Recipe for Vyssino Glyko tou ...
Sour cherries are a favorite spoon sweet, made in early summer when the cherries are their best.
Croatian Sour Cherry Strudel Recipe - Eastern European Foods
This recipe for Croatian sour cherry strudel -- fil za strudlu s tresnjama ili visnjama -- uses dark, tart Morello (preferred) or bright red tart Montmorency cherries to ...
Hungarian Sour Cherry Soup (Meggy Leves) Recipe
This Hungarian recipe for sour cherry soup goes by many names -- meggy leves, cseresznye leves, meggykeszoce, cibere -- and its sweetness varies with the ...
Cherry Sauce Recipe - Hungarian Cseresznye Martas - Eastern ...
This recipe for Hungarian cherry sauce or cseresznye martas is a savory sauce made with sour cherries and usually paired with chicken, potatoes or game ...
Top Eastern European Cherry Recipes - Recipes for Favorite ...
Cherry trees grow with wild abandon in Eastern European. While the dark, sour morello variety is favored, Bing cherries and fire-engine-red montmorency ...
Sweet and Sour Cherry Varieties - Home Cooking - About.com
Learn about cherry varieties to determine whether you need sweet or sour cherries for your recipes.
Sour Cherry Sorbet Recipe - French Food - About.com
This sour cherry sorbet recipe features sour cherries, lemon juice, and sugar. Tart cherry sorbet recipe.
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