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Polish Coffee Cake (Placek z Kruszonka) Recipe
Polish coffee cake or placek z kruszonka is a simple sweet yeast-raised cake with a crumb topping.
Czech Poppyseed Crown Coffee Cake Recipe - Czech Babovka ...
This Czech poppyseed coffee cake recipe or babovka (also known as maku kavovy dort) features a sweet yeast-raised dough with a tender, moist crumb.
Wheel Cake Recipe - Polish Kolacz Weselny - Eastern European Food
Cheese kolacz is a yeast-raised coffee cake similar in texture to Polish babka that was often served as the wedding cake in the old days.
Raised Cherry Coffee Cake Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
A festive holiday coffee cake recipe with cherry filling. ... In a medium bowl, combine the sugar and salt with warm milk; add yeast mixture. Stir well; add beaten ...
Slovak Peach Coffee Cake Recipe - Broskyna Kolac Ku Kave
This Slovak yeast-raised peach coffee cake is known as broskyňa koláč ku káve. It features a streusel topping that is so common with Slavic cakes. Any small ...
Yeast Coffee Cake with Egg Custard Topping- Recipe for a German ...
This is not a cream cheese coffee cake but has a similar layer made from egg custard on top of yeast dough. This coffee cake recipe makes enough for a 11 x 15 ...
Definition of Kolacz or Polish Wheel Cake - What Is a Polish Kolacz
Definition: Kołacz is a Polish yeast-raised coffee cake. It gets its name from the Polish word for wheel. Kołacz is traditionally served at weddings, when it is ...
Election Day Cake Recipe - Gourmet Food - About.com
The women of the hosting towns would serve cake to the visiting voters. The Election Cake (also called Hartford Election Cakes) is a yeast-raised fruitcake first ...
Viennese Gugelhupf Cake - A Bundt Cake with Yeast - Altwiener ...
Newer versions use baking powder but the original cake contains yeast. ... It is a nice coffeecake to serve at breakfast or for afternoon tea and coffee. Makes one ...
Top Polish-Style Cheesecake Recipes - Eastern European Food
Kołacz weselny (KOH-wahtch veh-SEL-nih) is a yeast-raised coffee cake similar in texture to a babka but made in a pan without a central hole, and with a sweet ...
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