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Croatian Christmas

Here you will find recipes for and descriptions of many Croatian Christmas foods and traditions.

Croatian Christmas Bread Recipe - Bozicni Kruh - Recipe for Croatian...
Bozicni Kruh is one of the traditional breads served by Croatians at Christmas time.

Croatian Braided Christmas Wreath Bread Recipe - Bozic Pletenica
This recipe for Croatian braided Christmas wreath bread or bozic pletenica is a slightly sweet yeast bread with citrus zest and spices.

Klara's Croatian Fritters Recipe - Fritule
This recipe for Croatian fritters or fritule is often served at Christmas and Easter time.

Klara's Squid Salad Recipe - Croatian Lignje na Salatu
This recipe for Croatian squid salad or lignje na salatu is often served for the meatless Christmas Eve dinner.

Klara's Croatian Krostule Recipe - Angel Wings
This recipe for Croatian krostule or angel wings is frequently served at Christmas and Easter time.

Quince Candy Recipe - Croatian Kotonjata
Quince candy - kotonjata - is a favorite among the Balkan peoples especially for Christmas.

Peach-Shaped Cookies Recipe - Croatian Breskvice
This recipe for Croatian peach-shaped cookies or breskvice is often served for special occasions like Christmas and Easter.

Klara's Apple Strudel Recipe - Croatian Strudel od Jakuba
This recipe for Croatian apple strudel or strudel od jakuba is often served for Christmas, Easter and other special occasions.

Drago's Charbroiled Oysters Recipe
This recipe for charbroiled oysters is perfect for the meatless Croatian Christmas Eve dinner.

Klara's Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Croatian Sarma
This recipe for Croatian stuffed cabbage or sarma is from Klara Cvitanovich who serves it for her Christmas celebrations.

Croatian Christmas Traditions
Here is how Croatians celebrate Christmas.

Croatian Christmas Gifts
Here are some ideas for Croatian Christmas gifts.

Dubrovnik Christmas Market
Here is a description of the Dubrovnik Christmas market.

Zagreb Christmas Market
Here is a description of the Christmas Market in Zagreb, Croatia.

Santa Claus in Croatia
Santa in Croatia is St. Nicholas.

Croatian Christmas Meal in New Orleans
The Cvitanovich family enjoys these Croatian favorites for Christmas.

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