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Polish Salad Recipes

Here you will find recipes and descriptions for many Polish salads.

Beets with Sour Cream
These creamy beets can be enjoyed as a hot or cold vegetable or a cooling summer salad.

Spring Salad Recipe - Polish Salatka Wiosenna
This recipe for Polish spring salad or salatka wiosenna uses the bounty of springtime -- radishes, green onions, lettuce.

Polish Rhubarb-Carrot Salad
Polish rhubarb carrot salad, salatka rabarbaru i marchewki, is a refreshing spring salad.

Polish Ham and Fruit Salad - Surowka z Szynka i Owoce
This refreshing salad has versatility -- the fruits and meats can be changed to suit your palate.

Polish Pineapple Chicken Salad Recipe - Salatka z Ananasem i …
This recipe for Polish pineapple chicken salad has an additional interesting ingredient - corn.

Polish Potato Salad Recipe - Salatka Kartofli or Salatka Zi…
Polish potato salad, known as salatka z kartofli or salatka ziemniaczana, is made with finely diced vegetables.

Polish Wilted Lettuce Salad - Salata z Boczkiem
This recipe for Polish wilted lettuce salad is made with a warm bacon vinaigrette.

Polish Shrimp Salad Recipe - Salatka z Krewetek
This Polish shrimp salad recipe or salatka z krewetek calls for hard-cooked eggs, celery, onion, cooked carrots and diced pickle.

Easy Polish Carrot Salad Recipe - Surowka z Marchewki
This easy no-cook recipe for Polish carrot salad or surowka z marchewki is from chef Halina Piedziak of Palac Lochow in Lochow, Poland.

Polish Raw Salads Vs. Cooked Salads
Polish salads are divided into two kinds -- cooked and raw -- known as sałatka or surówka.

Cucumbers in Sour Cream Recipe - Polish Mizeria
Mizeria is the Polish name for cucumbers in sour cream, a refreshing dish served year-round.

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