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Russian Christmas

Here you will find recipes for and descriptions of many Russian Christmas dishes.

Russian Christmas Bread Recipe - Krendel
This recipe for Russian Christmas bread or krendel produces a pretzel-shaped sweet yeast bread dotted with fruits and lightly iced.

Russian Christmas Traditions
Here is how Christmas is celebrated in Russia.

St. Petersburg Christmas Market
Description of Christmas market in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Christmas Gifts from Russia
Christmas gift ideas from Russia.

Russian Santa Claus
Ded Moroz is the Russian Santa Claus.

Russian Snow Maiden
Snegurochka is the Snow Maiden in Russia.

Russian Dried Mushroom Soup Recipe - Sukhoĭ Gribnoĭ Sup
This vegetarian dried mushroom soup is perfect for Russian meatless Christmas Eve Holy Supper.

Russian Pickled Mushrooms Recipe - Marinovannymi Gribami
Pickled vegetables, like mushrooms, are often served at Russian Christmas Eve Holy Supper.

Russian Spiced Tea Recipe - Pryanyĭ Chaĭ
Russian spiced tea or pryanyi chai is often served at Christmas Eve Holy Supper.

Russian Spice Cookies or Honey Bread - Pryaniki
Spice cookies are enjoyed year-round but especially at Christmas.

Russian Christmas Eve Recipes - Sochevnik / Sochelnik
Here are recipes for Russian Christmas Eve or Holy Supper, which is known as sochevnik or sochelnik.

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