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Russian Soup Recipes

Here you will find recipes for and descriptions of many Russian soups.

Traditional Russian Green Vegetable Soup with Fish Recipe - Botvinia
Russians love fish soup. A cold version, known as botvinia, is made with spinach or other greens, horseradish, milk and cucumbers. But there are many recipes for botvinia.

Russian-Ukrainian Solyanka Soup Recipe - Recipe for Russian-Ukrainian...
Russian-Ukrainian Solyanka soup is a hearty, soup with cured meats, sausage, olives, capers and more.

Russian-Ukrainian Sorrel Soup Recipe - Shchavelya Sup - Shchavlyu Sup -...
Sorrel soup or schav is popular with Eastern Europeans across the board.

Russian Dried Mushroom Soup Recipe - Sukhoĭ Gribnoĭ Sup
This recipe for Russian dried mushroom soup is often served at the meatless Christmas Eve Holy Supper.

Traditional Russian Fish Soup Recipe - Ukha
This recipe for Russian fish soup or ukha is one of the national soups of Russia.

Russian Beetroot Soup Recipe - Borshch
This recipe for Russian beetroot soup is known as borshch, not borscht as many believe. It is made with beef, cabbage and beets.

Traditional Russian Cabbage Soup Recipe - Shchi
Fresh cabbage soup or shchi is one of the national dishes of Russia.

Traditional Russian Sour Cabbage (Sauerkraut) Soup Recipe - Kislye Shchi
Fresh cabbage soup or shchi is one of the national dishes of Russia.

Easy Russian Cream of Asparagus Soup Recipe - Krem Sup iz Sparzhi
This easy Russian cream of asparagus soup or krem sup iz sparzhi consists of asparagus, milk, butter and flour. That's it.

10 Traditional Russian Soup Recipes - Retsepty Supov
In Russia, soup isn't considered a starter, although it is usually followed by a main course. Soup is so important to the cuisine and often so hearty, it is frequently featured on its own with crusty bread.

Russian Mushroom-Barley Soup & Cheese Recipe - Gribnoy Sup s Perlovkoy i Sirom
This recipe for Russian wild mushroom soup features barley and cheese, and is known as gribnoy sup s perlovkoy i sirom in Russian.

Russian Kvas Made with Mint and Raisins Recipe
This Russian kvas recipe is made with mint and raisins. Once it has fermented, it can be drunk as a beverage or used as the base for a soup like Russian botvinia.

Traditional Russian Cold Vegetable Soup With Meat Recipe - Okroshka
This traditional Russian vegetable soup with meat recipe is made with a kvas sour and is served cold.

Traditional Russian Kidney-Pickle Soup Recipe - Rassolnik
This traditional Russian kidney-pickle soup known as rassolnik or rassoljnik is considered to be a hangover cure for its purported restorative powers.

Traditional Russian / Georgian Lamb and Rice Soup Recipe - Kharcho
This traditional Russian / Georgian soup or kharcho is typically made with lamb, rice and sour plums known as tklapi.

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