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Ukrainian Soup Recipes

Here you will find recipes for and descriptions of many Ukrainian soups.

Ukrainian Solyanka Soup Recipe - Recipe for Ukrainian Solyanka Soup - Solyanka
Solyanka soup is a hearty, affair with cured meats, sausage, olives, capers and more that is popular in Russia and Ukraine.

Ukrainian Beet Borscht Soup Recipe
Ukrainian beet borscht soup has a little tomato paste in it besides cabbage, onions and other vegetables.

Russian-Ukrainian Sorrel Soup Recipe - Shchavelya Sup - Shchavlyu Sup -...
Sorrel soup or schav is a popular Ukrainian soup that can be eaten hot or cold.

Ukrainian Sauerkraut Soup Recipe - Kapusnyak
This recipe for Ukrainian sauerkraut soup or kapusnyak uses smoked or fresh pork as its flavor base.

Ukrainian Sour Cream and Barley Soup Recipe - Sup Zi Smetanoyu i Yachmenyu

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