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Eastern Europeans believe in gracious hospitality and a "meal before the meal" is a given in most homes. Appetizers range from kajmak and bread to mini golabki.
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  3. Russian Appetizer Recipes - Zakuski (7)

Polish Lard Spread Recipe - Smalec
Rendered and flavored pork fat is a popular appetizer course when spread on rye bread in Poland and other Eastern European countries.

Ham Crescents Recipe - Hungarian Sonkas Kifli - Recipe for Ham Crescents
This Hungarian ham crescents recipe or sonkas kifli can be made in miniature for tasty appetizers.

Croatian Meat-Stuffed Crepes
Croatian meat-stuffed crepes can be served as an appetizer or main course.

Czech Fried Cheese Recipe
Czech fried cheese can be eaten as an appetizer or main course, and is a popular street food.

Meat Burek Recipe #3 - Serbian Burek s Mesom
This Croatian-Serbian recipe for meat burek or burek s mesom is made with ground beef, ground pork, ground lamb and flaky filo dough.

Serbian Meat Burek Recipe #1 - Burek sa Mesom
This Croatian-Serbian recipe for beef burek or burek s mesom is made with flaky filo dough.

Meat Burek Recipe #2 - Croatian-Serbian Burek s Mesom
This Croatian-Serbian recipe for meat burek or burek s mesom is made with ground beef, ground pork and flaky filo dough.

Klara's Croatian Squid Salad Recipe
This recipe for Croatian squid salad is from Klara Cvitanovich of New Orleans.

All About Gibanica
Layered gibanica can be an appetizer, main course or dessert.

Braised Pork Belly Recipe
This recipe for braised pork belly is from chef Donald Link of Cochon Restaurant in New Orleans, La.

Pickled Shrimp Recipe
This pickled shrimp recipe is from chef Susan Spicer of Bayona Restaurant in New Orleans.

Candied Bacon Recipe
This recipe for candied bacon makes a terrific garnish for salads or hors d'oeuvres.

Pickled Herring Rollmops Recipe - Polish Rolmopsy Marynowany w Oleju
This recipe for Polish Herring Rollmops or rolmopsy marynowany w oleju is from chef Marek Widomski of the Culinary Institute in Cracow, Poland.

Herrings in Oil Recipe - Polish Sledz w Oleju
This recipe for Polish herrings in oil or sledz w oleju is from chef Marek Widomski of the Culinary Institute in Cracow, Poland.

Steak Tartare Recipe - Polish Befszytk Tatarski
This recipe for Polish steak tartare or befsztyk tatarski is from chef Marek Widomski of the Culinary Institute in Cracow, Poland.

Drago's Charbroiled Oysters Recipe
This recipe for charbroiled oysters was developed by Tommy Cvitanovich of Drago's Restaurant in New Orleans and Metairie, La.

Quince-Pear Butter Crostini Recipe
Dollop quince-pear butter on toasted baguette slices and top with Bulgarian feta or Kashkaval cheese.

Red Onion Marmalade Crostini Recipe
Dollop red onion marmalade on toasted slices of baguette for a tasty appetizer.

Tomato-Cheese Tart Recipe
This tomato-cheese tart recipe is made in a filo dough crust.

Tomato Tart Recipe
This tomato tart recipe can be made with dry curd cheese, Bulgarian feta cheese or ricotta cheese.

Radish Cheese Spread Recipe - Czech Pomazanka z Redkvicek a Syra
This recipe for Czech radish cheese spread or pomazanka z redkvicek a syra is an easy four-ingredient appetizer.

Cheese Boereg Recipe
Balkans, Greeks, Turks and Middle Easterners share many of the same recipes, including ones for a flaky filo-dough turnover or pie that is known variously as burek, banitsa, boereg and other names. Here is a recipe for a cheese boereg.

Leek and Potato Tart Recipe
Leek and potato tart features all the vegetables of spring and can be eaten as an appetizer, side dish or main vegetarian dish.

Goat Cheese Cake with Slow-Cooked Quince Recipe
This recipe from Chef Gale Gand for goat cheese cake with slow-cooked quince can be served as an appetizer or a dessert.

Liptauer Cheese Spread Recipe - Hungarian Korozott Juhturo
Liptauer cheese is a Hungarian fresh cheese from which Liptauer cheese spread is made.

Hungarian Goat Cheese Spread Recipe - Korozott
Hungarian goat cheese spread or korozott is similar to liptauer spread and is pinkish in color from the sweet paprika.

Salty (Savory) Cheese Strudel Recipe
This savory cheese strudel makes a great appetizer or vegetarian main course.

Shrimp with Pomegranate Vinaigrette Recipe
This chilled shrimp with pomegranate vinaigrette is garnished with a cheese crisp and can be served as an appetizer or salad.

Rollmops Recipe - Polish Rolmopsy or Herring Appetizer
Rollmops or Polish rolmopsy are an appetizer made by rolling herring fillets around a dill pickle, pickled mushroom or pickled onion.

Caviar - An Egg-cellent Adventure
If you're going to invest the big bucks in imported caviar, know what to look for, how to buy it, what to avoid and what the going prices are. But don't feel deprived, affordable American freshwater caviar is gaining an appreciative audience here and abroad. If serving caviar on toast points isn't your thing, make blini!

Caviar and Blini - A Virtual Tour
Caviar and blini go together like hand in glove and nobody does it better than Collins Caviar Company, a producer of affordable American freshwater caviar.

Caviar - What You Should Know About Caviar
Caviar is a favorite appetizer of Eastern Europeans. Learn the different types of caviar and what to look for.

Romanian Mamaliga Balls Recipe
Romanian mamaliga balls is another example of Eastern Europeans' love of food tucked inside other food. Here polenta balls are stuffed with salami.

Russian/Ukrainian Pampushki Recipe
When fried, these cheese-stuffed potato dumplings make great appetizers.

Hungarian Beer Breadsticks
Hungarian Beer Breadsticks make a wonderful crunchy snack or finger food with cocktails.

Sauerkraut Balls Recipe
This recipe for Sauerkraut Balls combines ham, sauerkraut and onion.

Balkan Meatball Shish Kebabs
Balkan meatball shish kebabs made with lamb are great as a main course or appetizer.

Mushroom Strudel
Pungent, aromatic wild mushrooms are plentiful in the woods in Eastern European and they find their way into many dishes including mushroom strudel.

Salmon-Asparagus Rolls
Asparagus wrapped with smoked salmon and accompanied by cucumbers in a lemon-dill vinaigrette with red peppers and red onions can serve as an appetizer, salad or lunch course.

Mini Golabki
Stuffed cabbage rolls, also known as golabki, halubki or sarma, when made in miniature are great appetizers. Just spear them with a frilled toothpick and you're good to go!

Mini Potato Pancakes
When made in mini size and kept warm, potato pancakes make great appetizers. Just dollop with sour cream, chives and a few fried bacon chips.

Caramelized Onions on Cocktail Rye
Sweet, golden, buttery caramelized onions make great appetizers when mounded on crustless slices of rye bread.

Polish Sausage - Kielbasa
When sliced about 1-inch thick and speared with a frilled toothpick, fresh or smoked Polish sausage makes a great appetizer.

Polish Stuffed Eggs Recipe - Jajka Faszerowany Recipe
Polish stuffed eggs, or jajka faszerowany, are also known as deviled eggs.

Polish Salmon Turnover - Kulebiak
When sliced into 1-inch strips, "kulebiak" makes a great appetizer.

Ukrainian Kovbasa Sausage
Ukrainian "kovbasa" sausage makes a great appetizer sliced and speared with a frilled toothpick.

Polish Horseradish - Chrzan
Chrzan is a great condiment when serving kielbasa as an appetizer.

Polish Horseradish with Beets - Cwikla
Polish horseradish with beets has a beautiful color that looks great on a condiment tray next to the green of Japanese horseradish known as wasabi.

Kajmak Cheese Spread Recipe
Kajmak, a fresh Serbian/Croatian/Macedonian cheese similar to clotted cream, makes a great appetizer when spread on bread or used as a dip for fresh veggies.

Quick Kajmak Recipe #1
This "new" or unripened cheese spread only takes about 10 minutes to make and is great with bread or crackers.

Quick Kajmak Recipe #2
This kajmak recipes uses a combination of feta and cream cheeses.

Romanian Sausages - Mititei
Mititei, also known as "Wee Ones," are great as an appetizer or brunch dish.

Serbian Sausage - Cevapcici
Croatian / Serbian sausages, known as cevapcici make great appetizers when skewered or speared with a frilled toothpick.

Roasted Eggplant-Pepper Spread - Ajvar
Ajvar is wonderful with country-style white bread as an appetizer or as a dip, relish and side dish, especially when accompanied with grilled meats like lamb.

Croatian / Serbian Burek Cheese Pie #1
When cut into narrow wedges, this pie-shaped cheese "burek" makes a great appetizer.

Croatian / Serbian Burek Cheese Pie #2
This version of "burek" is Americanized with the addition of Jack and cottage cheeses. The yield is 24 small squares -- perfect as an appetizer.

Eastern European Pickled Cherries Recipe
This recipe for Eastern European pickled cherries is easy to prepare and makes four pint jars.

Polish Prunes Wrapped in Bacon Recipe - Sliwki w Boczku
This Polish appetizer recipe for prunes wrapped in bacon is fast, easy and delicious.

Eastern European Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe
When sliced and speared, this Eastern European recipe for moist stuffed chicken breast is perfect as an appetizer or picnic food.

Citrus Shrimp Recipe with Lemondaise Sauce - Recipe for Citrus Shrimp with...
This Citrus Shrimp Recipe with Lemondaise Sauce can be served as a main course or appetizer.

Salmon Patties Recipe - Recipe for Fresh Salmon Patties
These salmon patties would make a perfect appetizer if made into miniature cakes. They can be served at room temperature.

Lithuanian Potato Sausage Recipe - Vedarai - Recipe for Lithuanian Potato...
Lithuanian potato sausage or vedarai can be eaten as an appetizer or main course.

Hungarian Cheese-Stuffed Wax Peppers Recipe - Sajtos Toltott Paprika - Recipe...
Hungarian Cheese-Stuffed Wax Peppers or Sajtos Toltott Paprika would be a perfect appetizer offering.

Smoked Trout Crostini Recipe
This smoked trout crostini recipe is a delicious appetizer made with baguettes, herbed cheese, smoked fish of choice, bacon and dill.

15 Polish Sausages You Will Love
Many Polish sausages are ideal on appetizer trays.

Croatian Savory Cabbage Strudel Recipe - Strudla s Kupusom or Savijača s ...
This Croatian savory cabbage strudel recipe would work well as an appetizer or main course offering.

Savory Beet and Carrot Strudel Recipe
This savory beet and carrot strudel recipe is made with dry curd cheese and roasted vegetables and can be served as an appetizer or main course.

Joan Nathan's Pickled Tongue or Brisket Recipe
Pickled tongue makes a delicious appetizer when sliced thinly.

Slovak Sweet Egg Cheese Recipe for Easter - Hrudka
This Slovak egg cheese or hrudka can be eaten on a sandwich or by itself as an appetizer.

Slovak Egg Cheese Recipe for Easter - Hrudka
This Slovak egg cheese or hrudka can be eaten on a sandwich or by itself as an appetizer.

Polish Stuffed Mushroom Kebabs Recipe - Szaszłyk z Pieczarek
This recipe for Polish stuffed mushroom kebabs on skewers or szaszłyk z pieczarek can be eaten as an appetizer, snack or main course.

Romanian Chicken Salad Recipe - Salata De Pui
This recipe for Romanian chicken salad or salata de pui makes a great appetizer when served with cocktail breads or crackers.

Polish Zucchini-Potato Pancakes Recipe - Cukinia-Ziemniaczane Placki
This recipe for Polish zucchini-potato pancakes or cukinia ziemniaczane placki makes a great appetizer.

Polish Sweet and Sour Chicken Tenders Recipe - Słodko-Kwaśny Kurczak
This sweet-and-sour chicken tenders recipe is known as słodko-kwaśny kurczak in Polish and is as popular there as it is in the States.

Polish Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings Recipe - Skrzydeka Sodko Kwasny
This sweet-and-sour chicken wings recipe is known as skrzydeka sodko kwasny in Polish and is as popular there as it is in the States.

Mini Cheeseburger Bundles Recipe from Pepperidge Farm
This recipe for cheeseburgers wrapped in puff pastry is from Pepperidge Farm.

Sweet and Savory Cheesecake Appetizer Torte Recipe
This sweet and savory cheesecake torte looks like a decadent multilayered dessert, but it's actually an appetizer.

Hungarian Fried Bread with Cabbage Recipe - Káposztás Lángos
Lángos is Hungarian fried bread sometimes called Hungarian pizza. This recipe is filled with cabbage and bacon.

Peanut-Butter Dog Biscuits Recipe
This healthy recipe for dog biscuits is made with only four ingredients.

Polish Jellied Pigs Feet Recipe - Zimne Nogi or Studzienina
This Polish jellied pigs feet recipe, known as zimne nogi or studzienina, can be eaten as a main course or appetizer course.

Romanian Jellied Pig's Feet - Piftie de Porc
Jellied pig's feet or trotters is an ideal appetizer course when served with bread or crackers and veggies.

Savory Beet & Goat Cheese Tart Recipe from Aunt Nellie's Glass Vegetables
This Savory Beet & Goat Cheese Tart recipe is from Aunt Nellie's Glass Vegetables company. It's easy to prepare because purchased pie crust and jarred beets are used.

Slavic Mini-Baked Ham Sandwiches Recipe

Slavic Stromboli Recipe
This Italian stromboli recipe gets a Slavic twist from Hungarian salami and Polish cheese.

Game Day Meatloaf Sandwich Recipe

Lower-Salt Game Day Buttermilk Popcorn Chicken Recipe
This low-salt popcorn chicken recipe would be perfect for a World Cup or Super Bowl party.

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