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How Poland's Chopin Vodka Is Made


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Chopin Vodka Distillery in Krzesk, Poland
Chopin Vodka Distillery in Krzesk, Poland

Chopin Vodka Distillery in Krzesk, Poland

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It is well known that fine spirits and wine are regional in nature, reflecting indigenous fruits and plants, and crafted using time-honored and region-specific techniques. This is certainly the case with Polish vodkas.

From the village of Krzesk in Siedlce County in central Poland's Mazovia region, comes one of the most iconic of Polish vodkas -- Chopin Potato Vodka. The Chopin Vodka distillery, which dates to 1896 and has been producing vodkas since then, is owned by Tad J. Dorda, who has converted a restored 1766 country house into a hospitality center for visitors who can watch the distilling process from a series of catwalks constructed on the exterior of the distillery.

I had the pleasure of touring the Chopin Vodka distillery with Poland Culinary Vacations and saw for myself how Chopin Vodka is crafted by a small team on 17 acres dotted with ponds, roses, herbs, a 19th-century windmill, and a helicopter pad used by Dorda to travel more easily between Warsaw (52 miles away) and the Krzesk distillery.

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