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From braided sweet breads like hoska to hearty ryes topped with caraway seeds, breads are served at every meal in Eastern European kitchens. Not only are they great with butter, they're perfect for sandwiches, French toast and for sopping up every last bit of soup or gravy!
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Easter Bread Recipes Around the World
For Christians around the world, Easter is the first major holiday of spring. Everything centers around new birth. Eggs, green vegetables, and spring lamb figure prominently in the cuisine. And the proscribed foods of Lent -- butter, eggs, sugar and cream -- reappear in an infinite variety of rich Easter breads. Consider one of these recipes from around the world for your special dinner.

Easter Bread Recipes Across Eastern European
Every Eastern European country has a special bread recipe for Easter.

Caramelized Onions on Rye Bread Make Great Appetizers
For a surprisingly tasty appetizer, top slices of cocktail rye or crustless pieces of rye bread with a mound of golden caramelized onions.

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