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Closeup of Romanian Christmas Decorations


A Photo Closeup of Romanian Christmas Decorations

A Photo Closeup of Romanian Christmas Decorations

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Christmas in Romania is known as Craciun and Santa Claus is called Mos Craciun. The Christmas tree is decorated on Christmas Eve with walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, candies, apples and chocolates wrapped in colored paper. A special cake, the delicious Turta, is made for Nosterea Domnului Isus, or Christmas Eve. It is composed of thin layers of rolled dough that represents the swaddling clothes of the Christ Child. Other traditional Christmas foods include ciorba de perisoare -- a slightly sour vegetable soup made with fermented bran and pork meatballs, sarmale -- sour cabbage leaves stuffed with ground pork and served with polenta, and roast pork garnished with pickled vegetables or mixed salads.
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