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Top 5 Eastern European Classic Cookbook Reads


These books are indispensable when learning to cook Eastern European food. They also serve as a reference for seasoned cooks.

1. Polish Heritage Cookery

"Polish Heritage Cookery" by Robert and Maria Strybel (Hippocrene Books, 1993).
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By Robert & Maria Strybel (Hippocrene Books, 1993). This is one of the most extensive and varied Polish cookbooks I've come across. There are 2,200 recipes in 29 categories written especially for Americans with American weights, measures and temperatures. Each recipe is indexed under its American and Polish names.

2. Polish Chicago: Our History, Our Recipes

By Joseph W. Zurawski (G. Bradley Publishing, Inc., 2007). Not just a cookbook, this tome documents the saga of hundreds of Poles who immigrated to Chicago over the past 150 years.

3. A World of Dumplings

By Brian Yarvin (The Countryman Press, 2007). Every ethnic group has its dumplings and the author describes and provides recipes for everything from won tons to knishes.

4. The Eastern and Central European Kitchen: Contemporary & Classic Recipes

By Silvena Rowe (Interlink, 2007). The author was born and raised in Bulgaria and now lives in London. The countries surrounding the Black Sea and the Balkans are well represented in the recipes and the photos are interesting.

5. Baba's Recipes: Our South Slavic Legacy

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By Violet Koscica (Morris Press Cookbooks, 2002). This is a comprehensive self-published collection of heirloom dessert recipes of the Bulgarians, Croatians, Latvians, Macedonians, Serbians and Slovenians.

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