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Croatian-Serbian Desserts

Here you'll find recipes for many Croatian-Serbian desserts.

Croatian Braided Christmas Wreath Bread Recipe - Bozic Pletenica
This recipe for Croatian braided yeast bread is slightly sweet and can be eaten as a dessert.

Balkan Walnut Crescent Cookies Recipe - Kifle or Kilfice od Oraha
This recipe for walnut crescent cookies is common throughout the Balkans and is sometimes made with a yeast dough and sometimes a buttery dough.

Croatian Chocolate Chestnut Cream Torte Recipe - Cokoladna To…
This recipe for Croatian chocolate chestnut cream torte or cokoladna torta od kestena is a fancy layered dessert.

Popular Serbian Dessert Recipes
Serbians love rich tortes, nut rolls, strudels and desserts of all kinds.

Julia Jaksic's Bosnian Poached Apples Recipe - Tufahije
This is a traditional Bosnian poached apples dessert recipe or tufahije.

Serbian Apricot Torte Recipe - Torta Praska
This recipe for Serbian apricot torte or torta praska is made with a layered yeast dough.

Serbian Chocolate Torte Recipe - Torta Cokolada
This recipe for Serbian chocolate torte or torta cokolada is a moist, rich cake perfect for any occasion.

Serbian Doughnut Recipe - Krofne
Serbian dougnuts or krofne are eaten year-round but especially before the Great Lent begins.

Croatian Lamingtons Recipe - Cupavci
This recipe for Croatian lamingtons or cupavci is made with sponge cake, custard, chocolate and coconut.

World's Easiest Cookie Recipe - Croatian Cupavci Made with Tea Rings
This no-mix, no-bake cookie has to be the world's easiest recipe, which is perfect for very young children.

Balkan Tulumbe Pastries Recipe
This Balkan recipe for tulumbe is a popular pastry that is fried or baked and then saturated in simple syrup.

Cooked Wheat Pudding Recipe - Serbian Koljivo (Zhito)
This recipe for Serbian cooked wheat pudding or koljivo (zhito) has special significance in the Orthodox Christian liturgy, and for Christmas and at funerals.

Peach-Shaped Cookies Recipe - Croatian Breskvice
This recipe for Croatian peach-shaped cookies or breskvice takes some time to make but the efforts are well worth it.

Klara's Croatian Apple Strudel
This recipe for Croatian apple strudel is from Klara Cvitanovich of New Orleans.

Klara's Croatian Fritters Recipe - Fritule
This recipe for Croatian fritters or fritule is from Klara Cvitanovich of New Orleans.

Klara's Krostule Recipe - Croatian Angel Wings
This recipe for Croatian krostule or angel wings is from Klara Cvitanovich who makes them for her family at Christmastime.

All About Gibanica
Gibanica can be a dessert or a savory dish layered with cheese or other ingredients, and made with a filo dough known as pita in Serbian and Croatian, shortcut pastry or yeast dough.

Sweet Serbian Gibanica Recipe #1
This recipe for sweet Serbian gibanica is a blend of cottage cheese and sour cream between layers of homemade dough.

Sweet Serbian Gibanica Recipe #2
This recipe for sweet Serbian gibanica has layers of apricot, raspberry and cheese filling between flaky filo dough.

Fresh Fig Tart Recipe - Croatian Dalmatinska Kolac od Smokvi
This recipe for fresh fig tart is popular in many parts of Eastern European, but especially in Croatia and former Yugoslavia.

Croatian Pumpkin-Cheese Strudel Recipe - Fil za Bučnica s Sirom
This Croatian pumpkin-cheese strudel recipe or Fil za Bucnica s Sirom is made with pumpkin and curd cheese for a deliciously different dessert.

Klara's Croatian Apple Strudel Recipe
This recipe for apple strudel is made with filo dough.

Croatian Sour Cherry Strudel Recipe - Fil za Strudlu s Tresnjama ili Visnjama
This Croatian sour cherry strudel recipe - Fil za Strudlu s Tresnjama ili Visnjama - uses dark Morello or bright red Montmorency tart cherries.

Authentic Croatian Bajadera Torte Recipe
This recipe for bajadera torte comes directly from Osijek, Croatia.

How St. Sava Serbian Sisters' Circle Makes Nut Roll - Orehnjaca
The St. Sava Serbian Sisters' Circle of Merrillville, Ind., is a group of women who volunteer their time to create thousands of strudels, nut rolls, and palachinkes as a fund raiser at least three times yearly.

St. Sava Serbian Sisters' Nut Roll Recipe - Orehnjaca
Serbian nut roll or orehnjaca is made with a yeast dough and walnut filling.

How St. Sava Serbian Sisters Circle Makes Cheese Strudel
St. Sava Serbian Sisters Circle hand stretches strudel dough the old-fashioned way.

Serbian Napoleon Recipe - Krem Pita
Serbian napoleons or krem pita are made with puff pastry and a rich custard filling.

Serbian Meringue Slices Recipe - Sampita
This recipe for Serbian meringue slices or sampita is similar to custard slices or krem pita, except the thin dough layers are filled with sweetened egg whites.

How to Assemble a Serbian Log Cake or Panj Torta
Radmila Milivojevic of Chesterton, Ind., demonstrates how to assemble Serbian Panj Torta or log cake, one of the elaborate desserts she serves for Christmas, Easter, Slava and other special occasions.

Log Cake Recipe - Serbian Panj Torta
Serbian log cake or panj torta is served for special occasions like Christmas, Easter and slava.

Easy Nut Roll Recipe
This easy Croatian nut roll recipe has sour cream in the yeast dough.

Quince Candy Recipe - Croatian Kotonjata
Quince candy - kotonjata - is a favorite among the Balkan peoples.

How to Make Quince Candy - Kotonjata
Quince candy is a favorite among Croatians, Serbians and Bulgarians in Eastern Europe. These step-by-step photo instructions make it easy.

Croatian Plum Dumplings - Knedle s Sljivama
These dumplings are made with a mashed potato dough and can be eaten as a meatless main course, side dish or dessert.

Bajadera Torte
This dessert torte is a takeoff on Croatia's famous chocolate treat known as bajadera.

Chocolate Bajadera Torte
Chocolate Bajadera torte is a takeoff on Bajadera torte only made with chocolate cake crumbs instead of graham cracker crumbs.

Saliwonczyk's Serbian Nut Roll Recipe
Serbian nut roll is made with a moist yeast dough encasing sugared ground walnuts.

Nut Roll Recipe #1
Nut roll is an Eastern European sweet yeast bread typicall with a walnut filling.

Croatian Berries and Meringue Cake Recipe - Kolac od Plodine
This recipe for Croatian berries and meringue cake or kolac od plodine is typically made with red currants, but other berries can be used instead.

Croatian Nine-Layer Filo Pie - Bregovska Pita or Gibanica Devet Vrsti
This recipe for Croatian nine-layer filo pie is also known as Bregovska pita or gibanica devet vrsti. It's a sweet desert with poppyseeds, walnuts, apples and sour cream.

Serbian Reform Torte Recipe - Reforma Torta
This recipe for Serbian reform torte or reforma torta is a rich, many-layered cake with chocolate cream filling.

Watermelon Rind Preserves Recipe - Serbian Slatko Lubenice
Nothing is wasted in the Serbian kitchen, including the watermelon rind used in this preserves recipe.

Vlada Vladic's Serbian Reform Torte Recipe - Reforma Torta
This recipe for a nontraditional Serbian reform torte or reforma torta is from Vlada Vladic.

Croatian Honeybread or Licitars Recipe
Croatians make edible Christmas decorations known as licitars.

Russian Torte Recipe - Apricot-Nut-Meringue Torte Recipe
Even though it has a Russian name, this torte is often made by Serbians.

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