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Croatian / Serbian Soup Recipes

Here you'll find many recipes for Croatian / Serbian soups.

Balkan Chilled Eggplant Soup Recipe
This recipe for chilled eggplant soup combines all the ingredients Balkans love -- eggplants, tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and buttermilk.

Serbian White Bean Soup Recipe - Pasulj
Serbians prefer the tetovac legume in their white bean soup, but most cooks use Great Northern beans because they are easier to find and less expensive.

Serbian Meatless White Bean Soup Recipe - Pasulj
Serbian meatless white bean soup - pasulj - is perfect for Lent and other fasting times, or for vegetarians.

Serbian Lamb Vegetable Soup - Chorba od Janjetina
Serbian Lamb Vegetable Soup is a favorite year-round, but it's often the first course of a splendid feast for Easter.

Croatian Bean Soup / Stew Recipe - Grah i Varivah
This Croatian bean soup is so thick, it's more like a stew and that's why it's called grah i varivah.

Croatian Fish Soup Recipe - Riblja Juha
This Croatian fish soup recipe gets a little kick from the hot chili pepper added to the stock.

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