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Croatian / Serbian Main Courses

Here you'll find recipes for Croatian / Serbian main courses.
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Croatian Potato Moussaka Recipe - Musaka od Krumpira
This recipe for Croatian potato moussaka or musaka od krumpira is made with a custard topping instead of a bechamel sauce.

Julia Jaksic's Croatian Venison Goulash Recipe - Gulaš
This Croatian venison goulash recipe or gulas is best served over polenta.

Croatian Savory Cabbage Strudel Recipe - Strudla s Kupusom or Savijača s ...
This recipe for Croatian cabbage strudel, known as strudla s kupusom, is a savory dish made with filo dough.

Serbian-Croatian Salt Cod with Potatoes Recipe - Bakalar s Krumpirom
This recipe for salt cod with potatoes or bakalar s krumpirom is popular with Serbians and Croatians, especially for fasting times.

Roast Turkey with Pasta Tatters Recipe - Croatian Purica s Mlincima
This recipe for roast turkey with pasta tatters, Purica s Mlincima, demonstrates Croatians' love of whole roasted birds.

All About Gibanica
Layered gibanica can be sweet or salty, a main course, appetizer or dessert.

Salty Serbian Gibanica Recipe #1
This recipe for salty (savory) Serbian gibanica is a blend of cottage cheese and sour cream between layers of filo dough.

Salty Serbian Gibanica Recipe #2
This recipe for salty (savory) Serbian gibanica is a blend of cottage cheese, cream cheese and feta cheese between layers of filo dough.

Salty Serbian Gibanica Recipe #3
This recipe for salty (savory) Serbian gibanica is a blend of cottage cheese and sour cream between layers of homemade dough.

Serbian Guzvara Recipe
This recipe for Serbian guzvara recipe is a type of savory cheese strudel or cheese pie.

Spinach Pie Recipe - Serbian Pita Zeljanica
This recipe for Serbian spinach pie or pita zeljanica is similar to a savory strudel or Serbian burek made with flaky filo dough.

Klara's Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Croatian Sarma
This recipe for Croatian stuffed cabbage or sarma is from Klara Cvitanovich of Metairie, La.

Grilled Pork Loin Chops or Chicken Recipe - Croatian Kotlovina
Croatian kotlovina can be made with boneless or bone-in pork loin chops or breast of chicken, and grilled on a special pan or in a wok.

Croatian Chicken Pot Pie Recipe - Kvrgusa
Croatian chicken pot pie recipe - kvrgusa - features a batter crust instead of a flaky one with juicy chunks of chicken.

Spit-Roasted Pig and Lamb
Spit-roasting lamb and pig are popular among Serbians and Croatians.

Spit-Roasted Pig
Spit-roasted pig is a tradition among Serbians, Croatians and other Eastern Europeans.

How to Make Spit-Roasted Lamb: A Tradition
Spit-roasting spring lamb is a tradition among Serbians, Croatians, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Balkans, Lithuanians and other Eastern Europeans. It's considered the only way to barbecue and is served for Easter and other holidays, and special occasions like slavas.

Serbian Pljeskavica Hamburgers
Pljeskavica are juicy Serbian hamburgers made with pork, lamb and beef. They are popular in one form or another throughout the Balkans.

Serbian Barbecued Shish Kebabs Recipe - Raznjici
Serbian raznjici can be made with pork or veal, or a combination of the two, threaded on a skewer and grilled.

Make a Meal of - Cevapcici
Croatian / Serbian sausages known as cevapcici make a great main course when served with Serbian potato salad and hearty white bread.

Burek Cheese Pie #1
"Burek" is a Croatian / Serbian meat or cheese pie made with flaky filo dough.

Burek Cheese Pie #2
This cheese burek recipe has been Americanized with the addition of Jack cheese to the filling, but it's a delicious variation on the Croatian-Serbian favorite.

Meat Burek #1
This Croatian-Serbian meat burek can be served as an appetizer, main course or side dish.

Meat Burek Recipe #2
This recipe for meat burek uses ground beef, ground pork and flaky filo dough.

Meat Burek Recipe #3
This recipe for meat burek is made with a combination of beef, pork and lamb.

Stewed Meat and Peppers Recipe - Balkan Selsko Meso
Selsko Meso is a dish of stewed meat and peppers beloved of the Balkan peoples, especially Macedonians, Serbians and Croatians.

Serbian Roast Leg of Lamb
Roast leg of lamb is the crowning touch to a splendid Serbian Easter feast.

Vegetarian or Lenten Sarma
Lenten Sarma are cabbage rolls stuffed with vegetables only in strict observance of the Lenten fast.

Serbian Stuffed Cabbage #2 - Sarma
This is another version of Croatian / Serbian stuffed cabbage known as sarma.

Serbian Stuffed Cabbage #1 - Sarma
Sarma is the Serbian version of stuffed cabbage.

Croatian Roasted Carp and Potatoes Recipe - Sarana i Krumpira
This recipe for Croatian roasted carp and potatoes or sarana i krumpira also contains dill pickles and bacon.

Croatian Meat-Stuffed Crepes Recipe or Punjene Palacinke s Mesom
This recipe for Croatian meat-stuffed crepes or punjene palacinke s mesom can be served as an appetizer or main course with vegetables and salad.

Vegan Moussaka Recipe
This recipe for vegan moussaka contains no eggs and the bechamel sauce is made with soy milk and vegan butter. It is from Mark Reinfeld's "The 30 Minute Vegan’s Taste of Europe" (Da Capo Lifelong/Perseus Books Group, 2012).

Croatian Chicken Lasagna Recipe - Lazanje s Kokos
This recipe for Croatian chicken lasagna or lazanje s kokos features red peppers and two different cheeses.

Vlada Vladic's Serbian Potato-Stuffed Peppers Recipe - Paprike Punjene Krompirom
This recipe for Serbian potato-stuffed peppers is from Vlada Vladic and she fleshes things out with tuna.

Easy Croatian Shrimp Recipe - Skampi Na Buzara
This easy Croatian stewed shrimp recipe is influenced by neighboring Italy.

Easy Croatian Mussels Recipe - Skoljke na Buzaru - Dagnje na Buzaru - Recipe...
This easy Croatian mussels recipe is known as dagnje na buzaru.

Croatian Lasagne Rollups Recipe - Lazanje Rollups - Recipe for Croatian...
This recipe for Croatian Lasagne Rollups or Lazanje Rollups bears the Italian influence on the cuisine of the Dalmatian Coast.

Croatian Bean Soup / Stew Recipe - Grah i Varivah
This Croatian dish is so thick, it's considered a stew and can be eaten as a main meal, but some like it as soup.

Croatian Zucchini Roulade Recipe - Brz Slijed Tonova Od Tikvica
This Croatian zucchini roulade recipe, or brz slijed tonova od tikvica, is filled with seasoned ground meat, sauce and topped with cheese.

Croatian Fish Soup Recipe - Riblja Juha
This Croatian fish soup recipe is hearty enough to be eaten as a main course.

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