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A Gallery of Gingerbread House Pictures


Gingerbread houses aren't just for Christmas, although they're traditionally associated with that holiday. When decorated appropriately, they make wonderful centerpieces for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, Easter, bridal showers, baby showers, even weddings. For complete instructions, a pattern and recipes, check out this Gingerbread Tell-All.
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Side View of Gingerbread House 2009Side View of Gingerbread House 2009Close-Up of Gingerbread House 2009Close-Up of Gingerbread House 2009Assembled Gingerbread Train Kit from Create A TreatGingerbread Train From a Kit2009 Easter Gingerbread House2009 Easter Gingerbread House
2009 Easter Gingerbread House Decorated by 8-Year-Olds2009 Easter Gingerbread House2009 Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie House2009 Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie House2008 Fantasy Gingerbread House2008 Fantasy Gingerbread HouseA Victorian Christmas-Themed Gingerbread HouseA Victorian Christmas Gingerbread House
Another View of the Victorian Gingerbread HouseAnother View of the Victorian Christmas Gingerbread HouseSanta's KitchenSanta's KitchenA Baby Shower-Themed Gingerbread HouseA Baby Shower-Themed Gingerbread House Makes a Great Table CenterpieceAn Easter-Themed Gingerbread HouseAn Easter-Themed Gingerbread House
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