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How St. James the Less Women's Guild Makes Nut Roll


The Women's Guild of St. James the Less Catholic Church in Highland, Ind., is a dedicated group of ladies that has been in existence for 20 years. So dedicated are they, for three months, from August to November every year, they devote two (four-hour) days a week to keeping the Eastern European culinary tradition alive by making pierogi, nutrolls, rozke, kolaczki and Dutch banket. This labor of love culminates in an annual holiday bazaar and bake sale where the product is sold. Proceeds benefit the church's many programs like Operation Kindness, which helps feed the hungry and clothe the needy.
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The dough is run through an automatic rolling machine or sheeter.It all starts with a great dough.The walnut filling is only as good as the ingredients that go into it.The Walnut Filling for Nutroll Is Made in AdvanceA clean, white tea towel is sprinkled with flour.The Rolling Is Done on a Tea TowelThe rolled dough is placed on the tea towel.The Dough Is Placed on the Tea Towel
The dough is brushed with melted butter.The Dough Is Brushed with ButterThe filling is spread on the dough.The Filling Is Spread on the DoughThe walnut filling is spread,leaving an untouched border.The Walnut Filling Is Spread EvenlyThe Dough Borders Are Turned in Toward the CenterThe Borders Are Turned In
Using a Tea Towel to Roll the NutrollStarting to Roll the NutrollThe tea towel helps roll the pastry.The Tea Towel Helps RollThe nutrolls are moved to a baking sheet.The Nutrolls Are Transferred to a Baking SheetNutrolls are eggwashed and vented before going into the hot box.Nutrolls Are Egg Washed Before Rising
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