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What To Do With Leftover Egg Whites


So many Eastern European recipes call for egg yolks only -- babkas, shortbreads, and crescents, among others -- leaving you with a plentitude of egg whites. What's a cook to do? First, here is a quick tip for freezing egg whites for future use and here are some suggestions that will help you be a frugal cook.

1. Mini Tropical Angel Food Cake Recipe

Mini Tropical Angel Food Cake
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Now that tropical fruits are readily available in Eastern Europe, a love affair with coconut and pineapple is firmly entrenched. This recipe for a mini (7-inch x 3-inch) tropical angel food cake uses only six egg whites instead of 12 or more for a full-size cake.

2. Teresa's Polish Cake with Meringue Recipe - Ciasto z Beza

Polish Meringue Cake
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This recipe for Polish cake with meringue or ciasto z beza is from my cousin Teresa Jasiakiewicz, whom I met in Turek, Poland. The cake is versatile -- any fruit filling (fresh or canned) may be used and whipped cream is optional. The major components are sponge cake and meringue. The rest is at your discretion.

3. Meringue Torte Recipe

Meringue Torte
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This meringue torte recipe is one of the best and most elegant ways to use leftover egg whites. A meringue cake in Czech is pĕnový dort bezé. Poles call meringues bezy and Hungarians say habcsók. When sweetened whipped egg whites are piped into round disks and baked, they become the "cake" layers for a torte filled with custard, mousse, whipped cream and fruit or flavored fillings.

4. Tomato Tart Recipe

Tomato Tart
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This tomato tart recipe is versatile in that the cheese base can be varied to suit one's Eastern European tastes. Dry curd cheese, also known as farmer's cheese or baker's cheese, Bulgarian feta or ricotta cheese can all be used in combination or alone. The fresh herbs can range from dill to thyme to oregano. The egg whites bind the cheese filling together.

5. Hungarian Apple Meringue Pancake Torte Recipe - Almas Palacsinta

Hungarian Apple Pancake Torte - Almas Palacsinta
© 2009 Barbara Rolek licensed to About.com, Inc.
This Hungarian recipe for apple meringue pancake torte -- almas palacsinta -- is made with thin crepe-like pancakes known as palacsinta stacked one on top of the other with apple filling inbetween. The dessert is kissed with a meringue topping. It can be served warm or at room temperature.

6. Czech Steamed Meringue Pudding Recipe - Snehovy Pudink

Czech Steamed Meringue Pudding or Snehovy Pudink
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Steamed puddings, both sweet and savory, are popular in Eastern Europe. Since the fat in the nuts would inhibit the rise of the egg whites, instant flour helps to insulate them. Sometimes cornstarch is used. The pudding can be made in one 4-cup pudding mold or four individual 1-cup molds. Unmold and serve with a fruit syrup -- raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, sour cherry.

7. Austro-Hungarian Spanish Windtorte Recipe

Spanish Windtorte
© 2009 Barbara Rolek licensed to About.com, Inc.
The only thing Spanish about this recipe for Spanish Wind Cake -- Spanische Windtorte -- is its name. It dates to the Baroque period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the nobility's fascination with Spanish culture.

8. Hungarian Dobosh Torte Recipe - Dobos Torta

Hungarian Dobos Torta
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Dobosh Torte, also known as drum torte, is a rich Hungarian sponge cake consisting of seven layers filled with rich chocolate buttercream and topped with caramel. The buttercream calls for 5 egg whites.

9. Polish Meringue-Topped Almond Mazurka Recipe - Mazurek

Meringue-Topped Almond Mazurka or Mazurek
© 2010 Barbara Rolek licensed to About.com, Inc.
This recipe for Polish mazurka, or mazurek in Polish, is topped with almond paste and meringue. The dough base uses hard-cooked sieved eggs and is called a "crumbly dough" in Polish or kruche ciasto Polskie.

10. Fat-Free Potato Latkes Recipe

Potato Latkes
© CincinCanfield on Flickr
Potato pancakes, also known as placki kartoflane or latkes are usually fried, but in this favorite Hanukkah food, the pancakes are made with egg whites and baked. That means a guilt-free indulgence -- 0 grams fat and only 65 calories per pancake.

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