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Lenten Egg Recipes


These egg recipes are suitable for Lent because they contain no meat, however they do contain cheese and other dairy products, which would not work for Orthodox Christians who abstain from those items (and sometimes even fish) in preparation for Easter. You also might want to take a look at what do with leftover Easter eggs for post-Easter-egg abundance!

1. Eastern European Creamed Asparagus and Hard-Cooked Eggs Recipe

Creamed Eggs and Asparagus
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Hard-cooked eggs are very popular in some Eastern European cultures like Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Hungarian and others. In the old days, it was a relatively economical source of protein for farmers who usually raised chickens. This recipe combines the flavors of spring -- asparagus and eggs.

2. Polish Stuffed Eggs Recipe - Jajka Faszerowany

Polish Stuffed Eggs
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Polish Stuffed Eggs, or jajka faszerowany, do double duty with leftovers. Just substitute salmon or herring for the ham in this recipe, or leave them out entirely. The filling also sports cheese, sour cream and mustard. What sets them apart is the broiled polonaise-style buttered bread crumb topping.

3. Eastern European Crepe Recipes

Serbian Palacinke
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Croatian-Serbian palacinke are thin crepe-like pancakes. When they are filled with jam, fruit, or sweet or savory cheeses and rolled, they are still known as palacinke (blintzes). Hungarians call crepes palacsinta, Poles call them nalesniki, Lithuanians call them naliesnikai or blynai, Ukrainians call them nalysnyky, and in Romanian, it's clatita. There is very little difference among them, so this palacinke batter recipe will suffice for all.

4. Polish Spring Salad Recipe - Salatka Wiosenna

Polish Spring Salad or Salatka Wiosenna
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This recipe for Polish spring salad or salatka wiosenna uses the bounty of springtime -- radishes, green onions, pencil-thin asparagus, peas. Poles like to chop their veggies finely and add hard-cooked eggs to their salads, and then dust them with the ubiquitous sweet paprika for color.

5. Polish Salmon Turnover Recipe - Kulebiak

Polish Salmon Turnover - Kulebiak
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The Welsh have their pasties, the Italians their calzones and Hispanics have empanadas. The Poles call their version of pocket meals kulebiak, while Russians call them kulebyaka.

6. Russian Cabbage Pie Recipe - Kulebjaka

Russian Cabbage Pie or Kulebjaka
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Russian cabbage pie or kulebjaka or kulybyaka is similar to a savory turnover like a Mexican empanada or Italian calzone. Kulebjaka can be made with a flaky puff pastry or pie dough, or a yeast dough as it is here. The fillings vary from vegetarian to meat to the famous salmon filling, and is known as kulebiak in Poland and kuliabiaka in Belarus. What seems to remain constant is the addition of lots of chopped hard-cooked eggs.

7. Baked Cheese and Egg Recipe

Serbian Prijesnac
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This easy baked cheese and egg casserole is a great vegetarian main course, side, breakfast or brunch dish, or even an appetizer. There are many variations of prijesnac. Here is one I like.

8. Grilled Peppers and Eggs Recipe

Grilled Peppers and Eggs Recipe
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This recipe for peppers and eggs can be made on an outdoor grill or stovetop grill pan. It's a great breakfast or meatless main course. Eastern Europeans are fond of grilling peppers and this recipe works with any type of pepper that can accommodate an egg when cut vertically in half. Alternatively, the pepper can be cut in half horizontally.

9. Potato Casserole with Eggs and Sour Cream Recipe

Potato Casserole
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This recipe for potato casserole is common throughout Eastern Europe. What varies is the use of sour cream or plain yogurt to create the egg custard. This easy recipe makes a great potluck dish or brunch dish.

10. Polish-American Kluski with Eggs Recipe

Breakfast Skillet
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This Polish-American breakfast skillet recipe is a takeoff on a dish my busia and mother would make when they had leftover kluski. They'd fry them in lots of butter, scramble in some eggs and add a healthy sprinkling of black pepper. We'd have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or anytime eating meat was a no-no. When meat is OK, try some cooked sliced kiełbasa (fresh or smoked) mixed in.

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