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Stuffed Cabbage Recipes


11. Serbian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Sarma

Stuffed Cabbages
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Sarma is the Serbian version of stuffed cabbage. Some Serbian cooks use imported or homemade whole heads of brined cabbage (sauerkraut) known as kiseli kupus when making their sarma. Compare this recipe with Serbian sarma recipe #1 and Serbian vegetarian or posna sarma recipe.

12. Slovak Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Holubky or Halupki

Stuffed Cabbage
© Samantha on Flickr
This recipe for Slovak stuffed cabbage, also known as holubky or halupki, is made with ground beef and pork, sauerkraut, paprika and tomato sauce.

13. Pressure-Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Czech / Slovak Holubky

Czech / Slovak Pressure-Cooker Stuffed Cabbage
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This recipe for Czech / Slovak stuffed cabbage or holubky uses ground beef and pork, rice, tomato soup, undrained sauerkraut, and is cooked in a pressure cooker, so it's fast. Instead of using tomato soup, low-sodium V8 juice or tomato sauce can be used.

14. Slovenian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Sarma s Kislim Zeljem

Stuffed Cabbage
© Elly Zee on Flickr
This recipe for Slovenian stuffed cabbage or sarma s kislim zeljem is made with pork and beef, rice, sauerkraut, tomato juice and pork neck bones.

15. Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Holubtsi

Stuffed Cabbage
© Flickr by Dinner Diary
Ukrainian stuffed cabbage is known as holubtsi, which literally means "little pigeons." Fillings vary widely and can be meatless or contain any combination of meats, vegetables and grains. The wrapper can variously be cabbage, beet, lettuce or spinach leaves and, even grape leaves in the grape-growing regions of Ukraine.

16. Kramarczuk's Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Holubtsi

© Kramarczuk's, used with permission.
This recipe from Kramarczuk's Deli in Minneapolis can be made with a meat or vegetarian filling and benefits from a tomato cream sauce.


17. Greek Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Lahanodolmathes

Greek Stuffed Cabbage
© 2010 Nancy Gaifyllia
Stuffed cabbage with ground beef and rice are covered with a traditional egg-lemon (avgolemono) sauce in this Greek recipe. Greeks believe the best cabbage can be found after the first frost, so all versions of stuffed cabbage are winter favorites. Stuffed grape leaves or dolmades are also popular.

18. German Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Kohlrouladen

German Stuffed Cabbage or Kohlrouladen
© 2010 Jennifer McGavin licensed to About.com, Inc.
This recipe for German stuffed cabbage is from Jennifer McGavin, About.com's Guide to German Food. They are made with ground beef and if you crave more spice, Jennifer says to try caraway, mustard or tomato sauce in the meat or the sauce.

19. Busy Cooks Stuffed Cabbage Recipe

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
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This is Linda Larsen's mother's recipe for stuffed cabbage. Linda is About.com's Guide to Busy Cooks. Brown rice and Dijon mustard put a different spin on this comfort-food classic.

20. Vegan Stuffed Cabbage Recipe

Vegan Stuffed Cabbage
© Ashley Skabar licensed to About.com, Inc.
Ashley Skabar, About.com's Guide to Dairy-Free Cooking says her recipe for vegan stuffed cabbage suits a variety of occasions and can be served as either a first course or entree. Check out her step-by-step cabbage rolls tutorial on how to assemble the rolls.

21. Italian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Cavolo Ripieno

This recipe for Italian stuffed cabbage is from Kyle Phillips, About.com's Guide to Italian Food. It calls for savoy cabbage, soy sauce (the secret ingredient) and a bechamel sauce. Kyle's recipe for Cabbage with Chestnuts and Sausages is even easier because the cabbage leaves are stuffed while still attached to the stem!

22. Low-Carb Unstuffed Cabbage Recipe

Laura Dolson, About.com's Guide to Low-Carb Diets, has an easy recipe for unstuffed cabbage that is made in a slow cooker. Her version has the same flavors and ingredients as traditional Eastern European recipes, and can be made low fat by using very lean ground meat.
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