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Stuffed Cabbage Recipes


Stuffed cabbage recipes exist in every Eastern European country and, as you can imagine, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes. Some are strictly vegetarian filled with buckwheat groats, barley or millet, while others feature beef, lamb or pork, or a combination of the three. Serve with mashed potatoes and rye bread, and you have comfort food to the nth degree. Stuffing vegetable leaves or vines is also common in Greek, Italian, Middle Eastern, Asian and other cuisines. It's safe to say you can have stuffed cabbage every day for a month without repeating the recipe. Enjoy!

1. Bulgarian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Sarmi

Stuffed cabbage
Martin Jacobs/Photodisc/Getty Images
This Bulgarian recipe for stuffed cabbages or sarmi is made with veal, pork, carrots, tomato juice and a yogurt-paprika sauce.

2. Croatian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Sarma

Stuffed Stuffed Cabbage - Sarma
© Flickr by Phaca
This recipe for Croatian stuffed cabbage or sarma is from Klara Cvitanovich of New Orleans. It makes enough for a crowd and, since they taste even better the next day and the day after, you'll have tasty leftovers! They also freeze well cooked or uncooked.

3. Czech Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Holubky

Stuffed Cabbage
© Samantha on Flickr
This recipe for Czech stuffed cabbage or holubky uses ground beef and pork, rice, tomato juice and paprika.

4. Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Toltott Kaposzta

Stuffed Cabbages
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These cabbage rolls are made with ground pork, beef, sliced smoked pork butt, sauerkraut and fresh cabbage. More traditional recipes would be made with whole soured cabbage heads like kiseli kupus.

5. Jewish Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Holishkes

Jewish Stuffed Cabbage - Holishkes
© Flickr by Nomi Maybe
This Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish stuffed cabbage recipe or holishkes is a traditional dish for Sukkot, the harvest festival in autumn, but it is enjoyed year-round by Jewish communities in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. This recipe has a sweet-sour sauce with raisins.

6. Kosher Lamb-Stuffed Cabbage Recipe

This recipe from chef Alex Reznick, formerly of La Seine restaurant in Los Angeles (now closed), and season seven "Top Chef" contestant on Bravo TV, features lamb, Arborio rice, savoy cabbage, and a spicy tomato sauce.

7. Lithuanian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Balandeliai

Lithuanian Stuffed Cabbage or Balandeliai
© Flickr by Penelope_CA
This recipe for Lithuanian stuffed cabbage is known as balandeliai or "little pigeons." This dish is common throughout Eastern Europe and the recipe varies from country to country, region to region, and family to family.

8. Polish Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Golabki

Polish Cabbage Rolls - Golabki
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Stuffed cabbage rolls or golabki, which means "little pigeons," are the epitome of Polish comfort food. Pork and beef mixed with rice, barley or buckwheat groats are nestled in a cabbage leaf, rolled and cooked in the oven or on the stovetop until tender. Follow these steps for making golabki. For a different spin on Polish "pigs in a blanket," try golabki with tomato sauce, and this unstuffed cabbage recipe.

9. Polish Whole Head Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Kapusta Faszerowana

Chef Bogdan Gałązka's Whole Head Stuffed Cabbage
© Multico, used with permission.
I like this spin on traditional stuffed cabbage or gołąbki in Polish. It can be served by slicing it into wedges with a rosemary cream sauce. Read more.


10. Romanian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Sarmale

Romanian Stuffed Cabbage or Sarmale
© Flickr by Cm15arf
This recipe for Romanian stuffed cabbage or sarmale is adapted from Nicolae Klepper's "Taste of Romania" (Hippocrene Books, 2005). Sarmale are enjoyed year-round in Romania, but especially for holidays like Christmas and Easter.
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