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Czechoslovakian Vegetable Recipes

Here you will find recipes for and descriptions of many Czechoslovakian vegetables.

Creamed Brussels Sprouts Recipe - Czech Kapoustova Poupata Na Smetane
This Czech recipe for kapoustova poupata na smetane combines a creamy white sauce with tender Brussels sprouts.

Czechoslovakian Braised Cabbage Recipe - Dusene Zeli
This Czechoslovakian braised cabbage recipe - dusene zeli - is easy to prepare and benefis from the smoky flavor of bacon.

Czechoslovakian Green Beans Recipe - Fazolove Lusky na Paprice
Czechoslovakian green beans paprika - fazolove lusky na paprice - are served with a creamy sauce.

Czech Zucchini-Corn Fritters Recipe - Cuketa Kukuřice Lívance
This recipe for Czech Zucchini-Corn Fritters or Cuketa Kukuřice Lívance is made with grated zucchini and fresh sweet corn kernels.

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