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How to Make Royal Mazurek - Mazurek Krolewski


Mazureks are flat Polish pastries served either plain or topped with jam, preserves or fruit filling. They were traditionally featured at Easter time, but they now appear year-round. This particular mazurek is called royal, probably because the fruit filling between the lattice-work of the pastry resembles the jewels in a crown. Here is the Royal Mazurek Recipe in its entirety.
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Place butter and sugar in a medium bowl.Cream with an electric mixer until light and fluffy.Grind the almonds.Place hard-cooked egg yolks in sieve.
Force the egg yolks through the sieve.Refrigerate dough.Roll out dough between parchment paper.Turn dough out into pan.
Fit dough into pan.The dough is pressed to fit.Pierce the dough.Roll out reserved dough.
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