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Chicago Metallic's Pain de Mie (Pullman) Pan: A Review

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Pullman Pan with Lid

Pullman Pan with Lid

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The Bottom Line

Chicago Metallic's Pain de Mie (Pullman) Pan with Lid is a winner. It lived up to its description and, so far, I have had unqualified success with this pan in different applications.

Pain de mie is French meaning literally "bread of the interior" and referring to a soft-crusted, soft sandwich bread. In English, it is called a Pullman pan, referring to its resemblance to a Pullman train car. This type of lidded pan is essential when making breads that require long bakes like a black bread.

Suggested Retail Price: About $44.95
Where to Buy: King Arthur Flour and BakeryBits
Would I Buy It? Definitely

How the Manufacturer Describes It

  • Nonstick steel-and-aluminum, for best strength and conductivity

  • Produces a thin-crusted, square-cornered bread

  • Ideal for close-grained, soft white sandwich breads and others

  • Measures 13" x 4" x 4"


Black breads require a lidded pan to prevent the top from burning during its long bake.

Black breads require a lidded pan to prevent the top from burning during its long bake.

© 2008 Barbara Rolek licensed to About.com, Inc.
  • The pan is sturdy and well-constructed and its nonstick steel-and-aluminum properties help breads slide out with ease, but greasing is recommended.

  • Pullman pans are ideal for sandwich breads but also for rye breads, like black breads, which require long bakes and whose tops would burn without the lid.

  • The perfectly square pan is versatile and makes it ideal for terrines, patés, sweet or savory tortes, tea sandwiches, square angel food or sponge cakes, pound cakes, frozen desserts, and more.

  • It is not dishwasher safe, but the pan can go in the refrigerator or freezer with no compromise in integrity for use in pates and mousses
  • .


I have yet to find fault with the pan. If I do, over the course of using it, I will report my findings.

How the Pan Performed in Cooking

Eastern European Black Bread

Eastern European Black Bread

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Black breads require a 1 1/2-hour bake because the dough is very sticky and lacks gluten. The attached lid prevents it from burning and keeps the bread from rounding on the top so the slices are perfectly square. I've had great success with it in these recipes:
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 4 out of 5
Pullman pan, Member fishrd

The ""pulman pan"" isn't named so because it looks like a Pullman railroad car - it is a pan invented by the Pullman railroad car company for use in their compact dining car galleys. The pans could be stacked in special oven racks to bake a number of ""pullman loaves"" at once.

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