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Easy Eastern European Recipes


Eastern European food has two sides -- traditional, Old World recipes reminiscent of the glory days of the aristocracy, and hearty and delicious comfort food designed to fill the ravenous appetites of hard-working farmers. But Old World recipes and easy recipes are not mutually exclusive. Many traditional recipes can be whipped up very quickly. This is a presentation of the easier recipes, from time, ingredient and number of steps standpoint, from the culinary repertoire of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.
  1. Easy Appetizer Recipes
  2. Easy Soup Recipes
  3. Easy Salad Recipes
  4. Easy Main Course Recipes
  5. Easy Vegetable Recipes
  1. Easy Starch Recipes
  2. Easy Fruit Recipes
  3. Easy Bread Recipes
  4. Easy Dessert Recipes
  5. Easy Beverage Recipes

Easy Appetizer Recipes

Polish Herring Rollmops

Eastern Europeans believe in gracious hospitality and a "meal before the meal" is a given in most homes. Easy appetizers range from simple platters of smoked meats, cheeses and pickles to herrings in cream sauce.

Easy Soup Recipes

Bulgarian Cold Cucumber Soup

Eastern European soups can be served warm and cold. They are so hearty, they can be the main course, but most cooks use them to stimulate the appetite for the delights that are to follow.

Easy Salad Recipes

Polish Rhubarb-Carrot Salad

Eastern European cuisine is based on fresh, seasonal ingredients and nowhere is that seen more clearly than in their salads. They can be hot or cold, lettuce based or a medley of brined vegetables.

Easy Main Course Recipes

Serbian Hamburger - Pljeskavica

Eastern European main courses place a heavy emphasis on comfort food. These easy recipes will have you wowing your guests in no time.

Easy Vegetable Recipes

Vegetables Used in Eastern European Cooking

Eastern European cooks pride themselves on cooking with the seasonal bounty, whether from their own garden or the farmers' market. Cabbage, mushrooms, kohlrabi, cucumbers are all favorites and, by their very nature, vegetables are quick and easy to prepare.

Easy Starch Recipes

Boiled Potatoes with Onion and Dill

Starches go beyond potatoes and rice in the Eastern European kitchen. Discover wonderful grains from bulgur wheat to buckwheat groats and how easy they are to prepare.

Easy Fruit Recipes

Montomorency Tart Cherries

Fruit is the preferred dessert in Eastern Europe and recipes abound for elaborate cordials to fresh fruit served au naturel with, perhaps, a dollop of sweetened whipped cream.

Easy Bread Recipes

Polish Potato Bread Recipe

Bread is indispensable to Eastern Europeans and is served at just about every meal. Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Hungarians and Lithuanians love their rye breads. Serbians, Bulgarians and Romanians prefer corn flour breads. But nearly every Eastern European country has its standby white bread. All breads are easy to prepare, they just take time. These are some of the easier breads since they require no sourdough starter and fewer rises.

Easy Dessert Recipes

Czech Bar Cookies

Every guest in an Eastern European home is offered, at the very least, cake and coffee (or tea). Desserts range from simple butter cookies to strudels to nut rolls to elaborate tortes and other cakes. Many traditional dessert recipes are very easy to prepare.

Easy Beverage Recipes

Polish Rhubarb Cordial

Whether with a strong demitasse of coffee, sweet tea, ice-cold vodka, mulled wine or plum brandy, Eastern Europeans believe in toasting to your good health, good wealth, good life! Some cordials require long aging periods and others do not. Here are some of the faster alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages recipes.

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