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Top Lithuanian Bread Recipes


Lithuanians love bread -- from dark, dense ryes to moist potato breads and sweet egg breads. They are present at every meal and the variety is staggering. Here are some of the more well-known recipes.

Bacon Buns Recipe - Lasineciai

Lithuanian Bacon Buns - Lasineciai
Flickr by Cal222
Bacon buns or lasineciai, like kugelis, are a national food of Lithuania. This soft roll dough is stuffed with a cooked bacon-onion filling and can be served hot or at room temperature.

Christmas Bread Recipe - Kaledu Pyragas

Lithuanian Christmas Bread - Kaledu Pyragas
Flickr by Clementine's Shoes
Lithuanians love poppyseeds as evidenced here in the topping on this slightly sweet yeast bread. Poppyseeds are also considered a lucky food and, so, are served at most auspicious occasions and holidays like Christmas and New Year's. And it only takes one rise!

Easter Bread Recipe - Velykos Pyragas

Lithuanian Easter Bread - Velykos Pyragas
Flickr by Ballad of Yoko
This bread is similar to Christmas bread without the poppyseed topping. It's served on Easter morning along with colored hard-cooked eggs which everyone knocks together to see whose is the strongest.

Fruit Bread Recipe - Vaisiu Pyragas

Lithuanian Fruit Bread - Vaisiu Pyragas
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As much bread as it is cake, Lithuanian fruit bread or vaisiu pyragas is loaded with either glaceed fruits or mixed dried fruits, nuts and raisins. The dough is spread with butter and cinnamon-sugar, rolled and baked. It's moist and delicious.

Potato Bread Recipe - Bulvinis Ragaisis

Lithuanian Potato Bread - Bulvinis Ragaisis
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Lithuanian potato bread or bulvinis ragaisis is a moist bread with a yellow-colored crumb that stays fresh for days. It's as good with soup as it is with butter and jam.

Easy Dark Rye Bread Recipe - Rugine Duona

Lithuanian Easy Dark Rye Bread Recipe
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This hearty Lithuanian rye bread recipe or rugine duona comes together quickly because no sourdough starter is required. It's a dense, moist, hearty loaf that makes a great grilled cheese sandwich!
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