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Lithuanian Dessert Recipes

Here you will find recipes and information about many Lithuanian desserts.

All About Eastern European Tree Cakes
Lithuanians and Poles make a tree cake known as raguolis and sekacz, respectively, for traditional weddings.

How a Lithuanian Tree Cake Is made - Sakotis
This is how a Lithuanian tree cake known as raguolis or sakotis is made at Racine Bakery in Chicago.

Lithuanian Easter Gypsy Pie Recipe - Velyku Pyragas Cigonas
This recipe for Lithuanian Easter Gypsy Pie is a type of fruit cake that is made with a sponge cake batter and, thus, with a very light-yet-dense texture.

Lithuanian Doughnuts Recipe - Spurgos or Pampuskos
This recipe for Lithuanian doughnuts, known as spurgos or pampuskos, is a popular treat along with blynai for Shrove Tuesday.

Poppyseed Cookies Recipe - Lithuanian Aguonu Sausainiukai
This Lithuanian poppyseed cookies recipe are scooped, baked and dusted with confectioners' sugar.

Poppyseed Roll Recipe - Lithuanian Pyragas su Aguonomis
This recipe for Lithuanian poppyseed roll or pyragas su aguonomis is made with a sweet yeast dough, poppyseeds, nuts and candied orange peel.

Fruit Bread Recipe - Lithuanian Vaisiu Pyragas
This recipe for Lithuanian fruit bread, also known as vaisiu pyragas, features chopped candied fruits, raisins, chopped nuts and cinnamon.

Chef Michael Laiskonis' Lithuanian Poppyseed Spurgos Dessert Recipe
This recipe for poppyseed spurgos dessert is a gourmet take on the traditional Lithuanian beignet or doughnut and is from chef Michael Laiskonis.

Chef Michael Laiskonis' Rye Bread Ice Cream Recipe with Poached Apples & Caramel
This recipe for rye bread ice cream with poached apples and beer caramel is from acclaimed pastry chef Michael Laiskonis.

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