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Noodles, Dumplings & Pancakes

While noodles, dumplings and pancakes are technically considered starches, they play such a huge role in Eastern European cooking, they deserve special treatment. Learn how to make everything from pierogi to finger dumplings to blini. You'll learn when to roll them, when to drop them, when to steam them, when to boil them!
  1. Bohemian-Czech Noodle, Etc. (4)
  2. Croat-Serb Noodles, Etc. (6)
  3. Cross-Cultural Noodles, Etc (16)
  4. Hungarian Noodles, Etc. (19)
  5. Jewish Noodles, Etc. (17)
  6. Lithuanian Noodles, Etc. (4)
  7. Polish Noodles, Etc. (79)
  8. Quick Tips (1)
  9. Recipe Step By Step (5)
  10. Russian Noodles, Etc. (3)
  11. Slovenian Noodles, Etc. (1)
  12. Ukrainian Noodles, Etc. (6)

Caramelized Onions Indispensable for Noodles & Dumplings
Caramelized onions and noodles and dumplings are a hand-in-glove fit.

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