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Polish Easter Traditions

Most Poles are Roman Catholic and for them, Easter is the holiest day of the year. Following a 40-day Lenten fast, Easter Sunday is celebrated with church services and a feast.

How Poles Celebrate Easter
For Poles, Easter is considered the holiest day of the year. Following a 40-day Lenten fast, Easter Sunday is celebrated with church services and a feast.

Polish Easter Dinner Recipes
After the strict fasting of Lent, Poles are more than ready for a feast. In Poland, the storks are once again on the rooftops and the flowers have started to bloom. On Good Friday night, hard-cooked eggs are colored and decorated with traditional designs.

Polish Easter Dessert Recipes
After 40 days of fasting for Lent, Poles pull out all the stops with a feast that begins on Easter morning and doesn't end until well past Easter Monday. Polish desserts are varied and delicious. These are some of the more popular ones for Easter. Probably the most conspicuous of all the desserts is the Easter lamb cake, representing the Paschal Lamb, that takes center stage on the dining table,

How Eastern Europeans Decorate Easter Eggs - Pisanki / Pysanky
The centuries-old art of pisanki or pysanky is a wax-resist method (like batik) of decorating Easter eggs. Every Eastern European country has its version.

How to Make Polish Pisanki Easter Eggs for Beginners
How to make Polish pisanki Easter eggs using a simple one-dye method.

Polish Easter Eggs - Pisanki
Beautifully decorated Polish Easter eggs are known as pisanki.

Eastern European Tradition of Blessing of the Easter Food Baskets
A tradition among many Eastern Europeans is that of having an Easter basket of food blessed on Holy Saturday.

Eastern European Babka Recipes
Babkas are a popular dessert year-round, but especially at Easter.

Easter Babka Recipe
This Easter babka recipe is a favorite sweet bread with Poles and Russians.

Easy Easter Babka Recipe
This traditional Easter bread only requires one rise.

Traditional Easter Babka Recipe
This slightly sweet yeast-raised confection is part cake and part bread.

One-Rise Polish Royal Babka with Raisins Recipe - Krolewska Babka z Rodzynkami
This recipe for Polish royal babka with raisins or krolewska babka z rodzynkami needs only one rising of the yeast.

Polish Whole-Egg Babka Recipe
Babkas are a popular dessert at Easter. This recipe is made with whole eggs. No more separating eggs and wondering what to do with the whites.

Polish Rum-Soaked Babka Recipe - Ponczowa
Babkas are traditionally served at Easter time in Poland. This one is soaked with a rum syrup when it is cool.

Smigus-Dyngus Day
This Polish Easter Monday tradition is a good excuse for the boys to "beat up" on the girls. All in good fun, of course.

Smigus-Dyngus Casserole
This dish is a good way to use up leftover kielbasa and kraut on Easter Monday.

How to Make Smigus Dyngus Casserole
Here is a step-by-step recipe for a casserole that makes good use of leftover Easter sausage and kraut on Easter Monday.

Easter Lamb Cake Recipe
Lamb cake is a traditional dessert served on Easter Sunday.

Royal Mazurek
This flaky pastry used to be reserved for Easter, but now it is served year-round.

Chrusciki Recipe - Crullers or Angel Wings
Chrusciki or Polish crullers are popular year-round, but especially at Easter.

How to Make Chrusciki or Polish Crullers
Step-by-step instructions for making chrusciki or Polish crullers.

Polish Egg Twist Bread Recipe - Chalka
This Polish egg twist bread recipe or chalka often features raisins and is featured at Easter time.

Holy Wednesday Is the Drowning of Judas Day
In Poland, Holy Wednesday is celebrated as Topienie Judasza or the Drowning of Judas Day.

How Eastern Europeans Celebrate Easter
Here is how Poles and other Eastern Europeans celebrate Easter.

Blessing of the Palms in Poland - Niedziela Palmowa
Palm Sunday in Poland is celebrated with "palms" made of dried flowers, paper flowers, ribbons and more because, years ago, palms were not readily available in Poland.

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