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Polish Main Courses

Here you'll find recipes for Polish main courses.
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Polish Pineapple-Chicken Salad Recipe
This easy main-course salad includes chicken, pineapple and corn.

Polish Baked Trout with Garlic Butter Recipe - Swiezy Pstrag w Maslem…
This recipe for easy Polish baked trout or swiezy pstrag w maslem czonsnkowym is drizzled with garlic butter.

Polish Fried Trout Recipe - Pstragi Saute
This recipe for Polish sauteed trout or pstragi saute is finished in the oven.

Polish Cabbage-Potato-Bacon Casserole Recipe
This recipe for Polish cabbage, potato and bacon casserole is comfort food par excellence.

Taco Polaco Recipe
This recipe for taco polaco is a Polish-American snack that is a take-off on Mexican tacos.

Polish Open-Face Sandwich - Zapiekanka
Polish zapiekanki or open-face sandwiches are popular street food in the bigger cities of Poland.

Country-Style Ribs and Sauerkraut - Polish Zeberka Wieprzowe …
This recipe for Polish country-style pork ribs and sauerkraut, known as Zeberka Wieprzowe w Kapuscie, is an economical but delicious meal.

Crab-Stuffed Salmon Pinwheels Recipe - Polish Zrazy Losos i Krab
This recipe for Polish crab-stuffed salmon pinwheels is known as zrazy losos i krab.

Polish Peasants' Meal Recipe - Chlopski Posilek
This recipe for Polish peasants' meal or chlopski posilek can be be prepared many different ways.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Recipe with Tomato Sauce - Polish Golabki
This recipe for Polish stuffed cabbage rolls with tomato sauce or golabki is from chef Marek Widomski of the Culinary Institute in Cracow.

Polish Fillet of Cod Stuffed with Mushrooms Recipe
This recipe for fillet of cod stuffed with mushrooms is an example of modern Polish cuisine that can be seen in higher-end restaurants throughout Poland.

Bobbie's Unstuffed Cabbage Recipe
This recipe for unstuffed cabbage tastes like traditional Polish golabki without all the work.

Bobbie's Pan Pierogi Recipe
This recipe for Polish-American pan pierogi is a great way to have the traditional taste of pierogi without all the work.

Ham Pudding Recipe - Polish Budyn z Szynki
This recipe for Polish ham pudding or budyn z szynki makes good use of leftover ham.

Polish Ham Baked in Rye Crust Recipe
This recipe for Polish ham baked in rye crust keeps the juices in for a tender, succulent ham.

Beef Roulade Recipe - Polish Zrazy
Polish beef roulade or zrazy is a recipe made with economical cuts of beef that have been pounded thin and rolled with a variety of fillings.

Lottie's Polish-American Kielbasa Noodle Casserole Recipe
This recipe for Polish kielbasa noodle casserole is a filling dish that combines sausage, ground pork, noodles and sauerkraut in a mushroom sauce.

Polish Hamburgers Recipe - Mielone Kotlety
Polish hamburgers or mielone kotlety are made with a combination of pork, beef or veal.

Meatballs in Sour Cream with Mushrooms Recipe - Polish Klopsiki w Smietanie
This recipe for Polish meatballs is served with a rich sour cream-mushroom sauce.

Meatloaf Stuffed with Mushrooms Recipe - Polish Klops Nadziewany Grzybami
This Polish meatloaf recipe, known as klops, features a surprise of mushrooms inside.

Polish Wedding Chicken Recipe - Kurczaki na Polonijne Wesele
This Polish-American baked chicken recipe is often served at weddings, hence its name of Polish Wedding Chicken.

Simple Polish Menu
This simple Polish menu is very typical of what Poles like to eat.

Polish Breakfast Skillet Recipe
This Polish breakfast skillet recipe is a great way to use up leftover noodles and sausage.

Polish Roast Turkey Recipe - Indyczka po Polsku
Polish-style roast turkey - indyczka po polsku - is enjoyed year-round.

Lazy Pierogi
These dumplings make a great meatless main course offering.

Pierogi Casserole
This easy substitute for homemade pierogi makes a great meatless meal.

Polish Roasted Chicken - Kurcze z Nadzieniem
Polish roasted chicken recipe or kurcze z nadzieniem is a staple in Polish kitchens.

Polish Hunter's Stew - Bigos
Bigos or Hunter's Stew is considered the national dish of Poland. Traditionally, it was full of the fruits of the forest -- venison, mushrooms, dried fruits. Today, anything goes.

Polish Salmon Turnover - Kulebiak
Salmon and seasoned rice in a flaky pastry is known in Poland as kulebiak. It is made with many different fillings, including cabbage and mushroom, and is akin to a pocket meal.

Polish Sausage - Kielbasa
Fresh or smoked Polish sausage makes a great main course offering when served with red cabbage and boiled new potatoes with butter, onion and dill.

Polish Smoked Sausage and Sauerkraut Recipe
This smoked Polish sausage and sauerkraut recipe makes a great potluck or tailgating dish.

Polish Stuffed Cabbage - Golabki
Every Eastern European country has its version of stuffed cabbage rolls.

Smingus-Dyngus Casserole
This easy casserole of American origin is a great way to use up sauerkraut and sausage from Easter dinner.

Roast Loin of Pork with Stuffing
Roast Loin of Pork stuffed with dried fruits and apples is a hit in Eastern European countries.

Polish Breaded Pork Cutlets - Kotlety Schabowe
Pork is a favorite meat for Poles and this breaded fried pork cutlet dish is very popular.

Polish Breaded Chicken Cutlets - Kotlet Kurczeta
Chicken Kiev Polish style is known as kotlet kurczeta. This breaded chicken cutlet was said to have originated in Poland, not in Russia.

Polish Ham and Fruit Salad - Surowka z Szynka i Owoce
Polish surowka z szynka i owoce is a main-course salad consisting of ham, strawberries and peaches.

Polish Foil-Baked Salmon Recipe - Caly Losos Pieczony
This easy recipe for Polish foil-baked salmon or caly losos pieczony can be made with a whole salmon or a side of salmon.

Polish Rabbit in Mustard - Królik Duszony
This recipe for Polish whole head stuffed cabbage is from chef Bogdan Galazka of Malbork Castle in Gdańsk.

Polish Rabbit in Mustard - Królik Duszony
This recipe for Polish rabbit braised in mustard with veggies and cranberries is from chef Bogdan Galazka of Malbork Castle in Warsaw.

Polish Hussar Stuffed Beef Roast Recipe - Pieczen Huzarska
This recipe for Polish Hussar stuffed beef roast is traditionally served with the reduced pan juices.

Polish Stuffed Peppers Recipe - Papryka Nadziewana
This recipe for Polish stuffed peppers or papryka nadziewana can be made with any color pepper and with either raw ground meat or cooked leftover meat.

Polish Pork Hocks Recipe - Golonka
Polish pork hocks or golonka is considered a national dish of Poland.

Polish Oven-Fried Chicken Cutlets with Hunters Sauce Recipe - Kotlet z Kurczaka
This recipe for Polish oven-fried chicken cutlets featues a hunter's sauce made with mushrooms, carrots, onion and tomatoes.

Chef Karol Okrasa's Braised Rabbit Leg Recipe - Krolik Duszony Nogi
This recipe for braised rabbit leg or krolik duszony nogi is from chef Karol Okrasa of Platter Restaurant in Warsaw, Poland.

Polish Chicken Roulade Recipe - Roladka Drobiowa
This recipe for Polish chicken roulade or roladka drobiowa is from chef Halina Piedziak of Palac Lochow in Poland's Lochow village.

Polish Chicken-Pumpkin-Dumplings Recipe - Kurczak z Dynia i Ziolowe Kluseczki
This Polish recipe for chicken with pumpkin and dumplings is known as kurczak duszon z dynia i ziolowe kluseczki in Polish.

Polish Crepes with Creamed Turkey Recipe - Nalesniki z Indyka
This Polish recipe for crepes with creamed turkey or nalesniki z indyka is a great way to use up leftover turkey.

Polish Sausage Casserole Recipe - Recipe for Polish Sausage Casserole with...
This Polish-American casserole recipe features kielbasa, cabbage and potatoes.

Definition of Bigos or Polish Hunters Stew - Polish Bigos or Hunter's Stew...
Bigos or Polish Hunter's Stew is considered a national dish of Poland.

15 Polish Sausages You Will Love
Polish sausages make a terrific main course when served with potatoes and / or sauerkraut.

Ham-Potato-Cheese Pierogi Filling Recipe
Ham-potato-cheese-filled pierogi make a filling meal.

Polish Bell Pepper Rolls Recipe - Roladki z Papryki
Roulade of stuffed bell peppers or Polish roladki z papryki makes a great vegetarian side dish or main course.

Polish Smoked Chicken Calzone Recipe - Calzone Wędzonym Kurczakiem
This vegetarian pizza recipe is made with whey which is the liquid byproduct of cheeemaking. Whole milk can be used in its place

Polish Vegetarian Pizza Recipe with Whey Dough - Wegetariańskiej Pizzy Serwatki
This vegetarian pizza recipe is made with whey which is the liquid byproduct of cheeemaking. Whole milk can be used in its place

How to Make Polish Almond-Crusted Roasted Salmon - Łosoś Zapiekany
This recipe from chef Stanislaw Adamczyk is an example of modern Polish cuisine.

Polish Fish in the Greek Style Recipe - Ryba Po Grecku
Polish ryba po grecku or fish in the Greek style can be made with any white fish including tilapia, lake perch, pike, walleye and whiting.

Peggy's Unstuffed Cabbage Recipe
Peggy's unstuffed cabbage recipe or golabki in a pan cuts down on some of the labor of the traditional recipe.

Polish Pork With Caraway & Onion Recipe - Pieczeń Wieprzowa z Kminkiem i ...
This recipe for Pork with Caraway and Onions or Pieczeń Wieprzowa z Kminkiem i Cebulą in Polish, is from "Rose Petal Jam" by Beata Zatorska and Simon Target.

Polish Roast Duck with Apples Recipe - Kaczka Pieczona z Jabłkami
This recipe for Roast Duck with Apples or Kaczka Pieczona z Jabłkami in Polish, is from "Rose Petal Jam:" by Beata Zatorska and Simon Target.

Top Polish Cookbooks
These books are indispensable when learning to cook Polish food. They also serve as a reference for seasoned cooks.

Polish Stuffed Mushroom Kebabs Recipe - Szaszłyk z Pieczarek
This recipe for Polish stuffed mushroom kebabs or szaszłyk z pieczarek makes a terrific main course or appetizer.

Polish Sausage Kebabs Recipe - Szaszłyki z Kiełbasy
This recipe for Polish sausage kebabs or Szaszłyki z Kiełbasy can be made with your choice of sausages and vegetables.

Polish Pork Piccata Recipe - Piccata Wieprzowina
Polish pork piccata or piccata wieprzowina is identical to the Italian version.

Polish Pork Marsala Recipe - Wieprzowe Marsala
Polish pork Marsala or wieprzowe Marsala is identical to the Italian version.

Polish Fried Pike Perch Recipe - Smażony Szczupak Okoń
Polish fried pike perch or smażony szczupak okoń is a popular way to prepare this fish that is similar to walleyed pike.

Polish Sweet and Sour Chicken Tenders Recipe - Słodko-Kwaśny Kurczak
This sweet-and-sour chicken tenders recipe is known as słodko-kwaśny kurczak in Polish and is as popular there as it is in the States.

Polish Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings Recipe - Skrzydeka Sodko Kwasny
This sweet-and-sour chicken wings recipe does double duty as an appetizer or main course.

Polish Ham Croquettes Recipe - Krokiety Szynka
This recipe for ham croquettes is known as krokiety szynka in Polish and it is perfect for leftover ham.

Polish Jellied Pigs Feet Recipe - Zimne Nogi or Studzienina
This Polish jellied pigs feet recipe, known as zimne nogi or studzienina, demonstrates the peasants' attempt to emulate the aspic-covered gourmet dishes of the aristocracy or szlachta.

Polish Amber Soup Recipe - Zupa Bursztynowa
Amber Soup or Zupa Bursztynowa is hearty enough to be eaten as a main course.

Chef Michael Symon's Polish Boy Recipe
This recipe for Polish Boy sandwiches is from chef Michael Symon and would be perfect for any party, tailgate or Super Bowl spread.

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