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15 Polish Sausages You Will Love

The Infinite Varieties of Polish Kiełbasa


11. Kiełbasa Grillowa - Barbecue Sausage

Polish Kiełbasa Grillowa or Barbecue Sausage
© Piast Meats and Provisions, used with permission.
Kiełbasa grillowa (keeyehw-BAH-sah grree-LOH-vah) is a juicy and lightly spiced pork sausage that is already hardsmoked and doesn't require long grilling time. It's also great when panfried or heated in hot water.

12. Kiełbasa Zwyczajna - Ordinary Sausage

Polish Kiełbasa Zwyczajna
© Sweet Poland, used with permission.
Kiełbasa zwyczajna (keeyehw-BAH-sah zvih-CHAI-nah) gets its moniker because it's a typical or ordinary sausage made with cured pork, salt, pepper, marjoram and fresh garlic. It's simmered in water and then lightly smoked. It's a good grilling sausage, cold cut and ideal with scrambled eggs, with sauerkraut and in stews like bigos.

13. Kiełbasa Żywiecka - Beer Sausage

Polish Beer Sausage
© Piast Meats & Provisions, used with permission.
Kiełbasa żywiecka (keeyehw-BAH-sah zhih-VEEYETS-kah) gets its name from the Żwiec region of southern Poland where Żywiec beer comes from. It's made with diced pork and sometimes a little beef, and seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic. It's hardwood-smoked and is perfect as a cold cut on sandwiches, with scrambled eggs, even on pizza!

14. Kiełbasa Cygańska - Gypsy Sausage

Polish Gypsy Sausage
© Piast Meats & Provisions, used with permission.
Kiełbasa cygańska (keeyehw-BAH-sah tsih-GAIHN-skah) or gypsy sausage is a dark, deeply smoked sausage made with seasoned pork, salt, pepper and garlic that is best eaten at room temperature as an appetizer.

15. Kiełbasa Krakowska - Cracow Sausage

Polish Kiełbasa Krakowska
© Sweet Poland, used with permission.
Kiełbasa Krakowska (keeyehw-BAH-sah krrah-KOHV-skah), made in the style of Cracow, comes in three varieties -- dry (sucha), semi-dry (obsuszana) and steamed (parzona). All three are made with seasoned lean pork. Krakowska is ideal for eating as an appetizer or on a sandwich. While other kids brought bologna to school, mom always packed me up a krakowska parzona sandwich -- my favorite. Its garlicky aroma permeated the lunchroom and brought envious looks from my classmates.
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