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Polish Soup Recipes

Here you'll find many recipes for Polish soups.

Polish Garlic Soup Recipe
This recipe for Polish garlic soup or zupa czosnkowa is from chef Bogdan Galazka of Malbork Castle in Gdańsk.

Polish Cabbage and Sauerkraut Soup Recipe - Kapusniak
This recipe for Polish kapusniak is made with fresh cabbage, sauerkraut and vegetables in a beefy-tomato broth.

Sauerkraut Soup Recipe - Polish Kapusniak
Smoked meat gives this recipe for sauerkraut soup a terrific flavor.

Christmas Eve Beet Soup Recipe - Polish Barszcz Wigilijny
This recipe for Polish Christmas Eve beet soup or barszcz wigilijny is from chef Marek Widomski of the Culinary Institute in Cracow, Poland.

Ryemeal Soup with Sausage Recipe - Polish Zurek
This recipe for Polish ryemeal soup with sausage is from chef Mark Widomski of the Culinary Institute in Cracow, Poland.

Plum Butter Soup Recipe - Polish Powidlanka
Polish powidlanka is a soup made with plum butter.

Polish-American Potato-Sausage-Corn Chowder Recipe
This Polish-American potato-sausage-corn chowder recipe makes good use of fresh corn.

Duck's Blood Soup Recipe - Polish Czarnina or Czernina
Duck's blood soup, or Polish czarnina or czernina, is a sweet-sour soup made with poultry blood, vinegar and dried fruits.

Blind Czarnina Recipe - Slepo Czarnina
Prune soup or blind czarnina, also known as Polish slepo czarnina, is made without duck or goose blood.

White Borscht Soup Recipe - Polish Bialy Barszcz or Zurek Wielkanocny
White borscht soup or Polish bialy barszcz or zurek wielkanocny is made with the cooking water from white Polish kielbasa sausage and often the leftovers from the Holy Saturday basket of blessed food.

Creamed Sauerkraut Soup Recipe - Polish Kapusniak Zabielany
Smoked pork gives this creamed sauerkraut soup recipe a hearty flavor.

Easy Almond Soup Recipe - Polish Zupa Migdalowa
Almond soup or zupa migdalowa is a creamy meatless Polish soup that is sometimes served for wigilia or Christmas Eve supper.

Easy Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe - Rosol z Kury i Kluski
Chicken noodle soup recipe - Polish rosol z kury i kluski - features a golden broth and old-fashioned egg noodles.

Polish Pumpkin Soup Recipe - Zupa z Dyni
Polish Pumpkin Soup - Zupa z Dyni - is unspiced, letting the true pumpkin flavor come through.

Mom's Polish Pumpkin Soup Recipe
Polish pumpkin soup recipe - zupa z dyni - uses rice as a thickening agent in this fresh-tasting pumpkin soup.

Polish Cream of Pumpkin Soup Recipe - Krem z Dyni
This Polish cream of pumpkin soup recipe or krem z dyni calls for fresh pumpkin.

Polish Split Pea Soup - Zupa Grochowka
Polish split pea soup is similar to American split pea soup but this recipe, known as zupa grochowka, is left chunky and has the addition of bacon and potatoes.

Polish Beer Soup - Zupa Piwna
Polish beer soup, polewka piwna, is great hot on a cold day or served cold as a refresher on a hot day.

Polish Cold Rhubarb Soup - Chłodnik Rabarbarowy
Polish cold rhubarb soup -chłodnik rababarowy - is a satisfying dish in the heat of summer.

Polish Blueberry Soup Recipe - Zupa Borowkowy
Polish blueberry soup is a refreshing summer favorite that can be eaten cold, warm or at room temperature.

Polish Strawberry Soup - Zupa Truskawkowy
Polish strawberry soup, known as zupa truskawkowy, can be eaten hot or cold and is a refreshing change of pace.

Polish Cold Cucumber-Beet Soup - Zupa Letnia
This Polish cucumber-beet soup, zupa letnia, is a summer offering as it is served cold. Hard-cooked eggs, buttermilk and sour cream make it especially refreshing.

Creamed Beet Barszcz - Beet Soup
This recipe for Polish creamed beet barszcz is thickened with sour cream and is delicious cold or warm.

Polish Beet Barszcz - Barszcz Czysty Czerwony
Polish beet barszcz is a sour soup made with beets.

Mushroom-Barley Soup
This hearty meatless soup combines dried, reconstituted mushrooms with barley and sour cream for a satisfying dish. If made with vegetable stock, it's perfect for fasting, when no meat is allowed, like Christmas Eve and Lent.

Dill Pickle Soup
Dill Pickle Soup might sound unusual but it's a satisfying, hearty Eastern European soup.

Polish Dill Pickle Soup #2 - Zupa Ogorkowa
Polish dill pickle soup is common in Eastern Europe where pickling is a favorite way to preserve fruits, vegetables, meats and eggs.

Polish Pickle Soup Recipe from Gwizdaly Village - Zupa Ogorkowa
This recipe for Polish pickle soup or zupa ogorkowa is from the women of Gwizdaly village.

Polish Tomato-Rice Soup Recipe - Zupa Pomidorowa Ryzu
This recipe for Polish tomato-rice soup or zupa pomidorowa ryzu is a thick, hearty affair with carrots, celery and onions.

Polish Fresh Mushroom Soup Recipe - Zupa Grzybowa Borowiki z Lazankami
This recipe for Polish fresh mushroom soup is from chef Halina Piedziak from Palac Lochow in Lochow village, Poland.

Polish Turkey Broth with Pancakes Recipe - Rosoł z Indyka z Nalesnikow
This recipe for Polish turkey broth with pancakes or rosol z indyka z nalesnikow is a perfect way to make use of the bones from a roasted turkey.

Easy Polish Cream of Turkey or Chicken Soup Recipe - Krem z Indyk lub Kurczaka
This recipe for easy Polish cream of turkey or chicken soup or krem z indyk lub kurczaka is a good use for leftover poultry.

What Is Your Favorite Folk Remedy - Eastern European Folk Remedies
What Is Your Favorite Folk Remedy - Eastern European Folk Remedies

Milk Bars - Bar Mleczny
Milk soups were one of the standard offerings at milk bars or bar mleczny in Communist-era Poland.

Polish Sorrel Soup Recipe - Zupa Szczawiowa - Recipe for Polish Sorrel Soup
Polish sorrel soup recipe is popular in the spring when sorrel is young and tender.

Polish Barley Soup Recipe - Krupnik
This recipe for Polish barley soup or krupnik can be made with stock or with whey, the liquid byproduct of the home cheesemaking process.

Top Eastern European Almond Recipes
Almonds are so popular in Eastern Europe, they even appear in a Polish soup recipe.

Polish Potato Soup Recipe - Zupa Ziemniaczana
This Polish potato soup recipe or zupa ziemniaczana is made with chicken or vergetable stock.

Polish Millet Soup Recipe - Krupnik z Kaszy Jaglanej
This recipe for Polish millet soup or krupnik z kaszy jaglanej is a peasant gruel from chef Bogdan Galazka of Malbork Castle in Gdańsk.

Polish Onion Soup Recipe - Zupa Cebulowa
This recipe for Polish onion soup or zupa cebulowa is from chef Bogdan Galazka of Malbork Castle in Gdańsk.

Polish Horseradish Soup Recipe - Zupa Chrzanowa
This recipe for Polish horseradish soup or zupa chrzanowa is from chef Bogdan Galazka of Malbork Castle in Gdansk.

Polish Whey Soup Recipe - Polewka z Serwatki
This Polish soup recipe is made with the leftover whey from the cheesemaking process.

Polish Highlander Soup With Cheese Recipe - Zupa Góralska Z Serków Topionych
This recipe for Polish Highlander soup with melted cheese, or zupa goralska z serkow topionych, is a delicious and easy soup to make.

All About Polish Soups
Soup is an indispensable part of Polish cuisine and they fall into these different categories.

Polish Amber Soup Recipe - Zupa Bursztynowa
This Polish fish soup recipe is known as Amber Soup or Zupa Bursztynowa.

Polish Tripe Soup Recipe - Flaki Zupa or Flaczki

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