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Ficoco Fig & Cocoa Spread: A Review

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Ficoco Fig & Cocoa Spread

Ficoco Fig & Cocoa Spread

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The Bottom Line

Ficoco Fig & Cocoa Spread from Dalmatia Fig Spreads is a Croatian product that is a good foil for sweet foods. Ficoco would be great spread on Croatian Croatian palacinke, waffles, with ice cream, as a dip for fresh fruit, and on and on. It's a good-tasting product, but I prefer the versatility of the plain Dalmatia Fig and Fig Orange Spreads much better.

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  • The product combines two popular flavors -- cocoa and figs -- in a surprising, new way.

  • The consistency makes it easy to spread.

  • Ficoco is made in Croatia.

  • Ficoco is all natural with 0 g fat, 0 g cholesterol, 0 g sodium.


  • The flavor can be a little cloyingly sweet.

  • The consistency is too thin to be used to fill cookies as can be done with the original Dalmatia Fig Spreads.

  • The labeling and advertising are confusing. The label says Ficoco is a spread but the advertising says it's a dessert sauce. The latter is more accurate.

  • It doesn't have the versatility of the original Dalmatia Fig and Fig Orange Spreads that can work with sweet OR savory foods.


Ficoco Fig & Cocoa Spread
  • Fat free and all natural
  • Figs and cocoa combined in a sauce/spread/dip
  • Ingredients: Figs, pure sugar cane, cocoa, fruit pectin, citric acid
  • Comes in 8.5-ounce jars
  • 24-month shelf life
  • Made in Croatia

Product Review - Ficoco Fig & Cocoa Spread

I was thrilled to discover Ficoco Fig & Cocoa Spread at the 2009 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago because the product is made in Croatia.

I am familiar with the superior quality of Dalmatia Fig and Fig Orange Spreads and their versatility. They work so well with sweet AND savory foods. Unfortunately, Ficoco can really only be used with sweet foods, in my estimation, although there is a recipe for Ficoco red wine sauce for pork that I think would work. Still, Ficoco has its merits with crepes, waffles and warm as a fondue for fresh fruits, poundcake, marshmallows and so on.

Unlike the fig spreads, Ficoco is too thin to be used to fill sandwich cookies, kolaczki, rugelach and the like. Despite all of this, the flavor is excellent, if sweet.

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