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Strawberry Hill Povitica: A Review

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Povitica from Strawberry Hill Povitica Co.

English Walnut Povitica from Strawberry Hill Povitica Co.

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The Bottom Line

Strawberry Hill's povitica is the best store-bought product of its kind, in my estimation. It more than lived up to the Strawberry Hill Povitica Co.'s description.

Povitica or potica is a Serbian / Croatian / Slovak rolled pastry. In addition to traditional walnut filling, the Strawberry Hill company has added cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese, chocolate chip cream cheese, apple cinnamon, raisin walnut and poppyseed to its line.

Suggested Retail Price: $32.98 for 1 (2 1/2-pound) loaf (includes UPS shipping)

Where to Buy: Strawberry Hill Povitica Co. or by email

Would I Buy It? Definitely

How the Manufacturer Describes It

  • Strawberry Hill Povitica begins with our exclusive sweet dough recipe, rolled almost paper thin and smothered with one of our ingredients.

  • Each povitica is handmade and handrolled and weighs 2 1/2 pounds.

  • Shipped fresh and fast. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Strawberry Hill Povitica Co. Varieties

Strawberry Hill Povitica Co. Varieties

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  • The povitica is moist and loaded with filling and doesn't have that preservative taste of store-bought products. It can pass for grandmother's homemade nutroll unless you tell guests otherwise.

  • The cakes are baked to order and arrive within one week encased in a sturdy box for gift giving via UPS.

  • Instructions for cutting, serving and storing are included on the packaging.

  • The povitica can be frozen.


If I had to nitpick, I found the povitica crumbled a bit when slicing upside down as advised even though I used a thin, serrated knife. My solution was to refrigerate it until cold, slice it and then allow it to come to room temperature, covered, before serving.

The History of Strawberry Hill Povitica Co.

Marc, Harley and Dennis O'Leary, owners of Strawberry Hill Povitica Co.

Marc, Harley and Dennis O'Leary, owners of Strawberrry Hill Povitica Co.

© Strawberry Hill Povitica Co.
User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
EXCELLENT!!! 5 STARS!!!!, Member catatchison

OMG I seen your add in our local paper and thought we would try your product. At first I thought it was a bit expensive, however after the walnut povitica arrived and we tried it we were soooooooooo very please. I can't say enough about your product. I live in the midwest and have never tasted your povitica before. I took the rest of the load to our Christmas eve party with my family. They all loved it!! You will be receiving more orders soon! It really does taste like home made! Thanks again! Catatchison

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