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Russian Dessert Recipes

Here you will find recipes for and descriptions of many Russian desserts.

Easy Russian Plum Cake Recipe - Slivovyĭ Pirog
This recipe for Easy Russian Plum Cake Recipe or Slivovyĭ Pirog comes together quickly and takes advantage of seasonal fresh plums.

Russian Cheese and Sour Cherry Coffee Cake Recipe - Syr I Kislyi Vishnevyi Pirog
This recipe for Russian cheese and sour cherry coffee cake is known as a "pie" or pirog in Russian, even though it bears no resemblance to what Westerners consider a pie.

Russian Napoleon Cake Recipe - Napolyeon Tort
This Russian Napoleon Cake recipe is made with up to 16 layers of dough filled with a custard cream and is a national dessert.

Apricot Torte Recipe - Russian Biskvitnyi Abrikosovyi Torta
This recipe for Russian apricot torte or Biskvitnyi Abrikosovyi Torta is made with sponge cake, apricot filling and a lemon buttercream frosting.

Russian Christmas Bread Recipe - Krendel
This recipe for Russian Christmas bread or krendel produces a pretzel-shaped sweet yeast bread dotted with fruits and lightly iced.

Russian Poppy Seed Braid Recipe
This recipe for Russian braid is versatile in that the filling can change according to your whim. Nut, poppy seed and fruit purees all work in this pretty sweet yeast bread.

Russian Blueberry Tartlets Recipe - Chernika Tartaletki or Chernika Pirogi
This recipe for Russian blueberry tartlets is known as chernika tartaletki or chernika pirogi in Russian.

Russian Baked Apples Recipe - Pechenie Yabloki
Baked apples or pechenie yabloki are a common, simple dessert in Russia.

Strawberries Romanoff Recipe
This recipe for strawberries Romanoff was invented at Romanoff's Restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif., which is now closed but the dessert lives on.

Ukrainian / Russian Basic Sweet Yeast Dough Recipe
This Ukrainian / Russian sweet yeast dough recipe is the basis for many sweet breads and cakes like sweet rolls, poppyseed rolls, nutrolls and braided wedding breads.

Blackberries Romanoff Recipe
This recipe for blackberries Romanoff is my take on the classic Russian-American Strawberries Romanoff dessert.

Russian Torte Recipe - Apricot-Nut-Meringue Torte Recipe
This recipe for Russian torte is made with apricot filling, walnuts and meringue.

Russian Spice Cookies or Honey Bread - Pryaniki
Honey bread has been eaten in Russia at least since the 9th century. When spices became readily available in the 12th century, they were added making this a spiced cookie.

Russian Apple Cake Recipe - Yablochnyy Pirog

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