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Eastern European cuisine is based on fresh, seasonal ingredients and nowhere is that seen more clearly than in their salads. They can be simple affairs made with crisp lettuce and a squeeze of lemon juice, or elaborate concoctions that appeal to the most discriminating palate.
  1. Bulgarian Salads (5)
  2. Croatian Salads (1)
  3. Crosscultural Eastern European Salads (24)
  4. Hungarian Salads (2)
  5. Lithuanian Salads (2)
  6. Polish Salads (11)
  7. Romanian Salads (4)
  8. Russian Salads (4)
  9. Serbian Salads (4)
  10. Ukrainian Salads (2)

Serbian Potato Salad Recipe
This salad is made with a vinegar-and-oil dressing instead of a mayonnaise or sour cream base.

Easy Fried Chicken Breast and Fruit with Mixed Lettuces Recipe
This easy recipe combines fried chicken breast with fresh fruit and mixed lettuces for a main-course salad.

Easy Grilled Chicken Breast and Vegetables with Mixed Lettuces Recipe

Klara's Squid Salad Recipe - Croatian Lignje na Salatu
Croatian squid salad is often served by Croatians on Christmas Eve for badnja vecer.

Smoked Salmon and Noodles Salad Recipe
This recipe for smoked salmon salad is made with medium-width noodles and your favorite salad dressing.

Candied Bacon Recipe
Candied bacon makes a terrific salad or hors d'oeuvres garnish.

Winter Citrus Salad Recipe
This salad recipe is perfect for winter citrus -- navel oranges, Clementines, Mandarins, tangerines.

Fresh Pea and New Potato Salad Recipe
This fresh pea and new potato salad recipe uses spring's bounty in a delicious creamy garlic dressing.

Romanian Corn and Tuna Salad Recipe - Porumb şi Salată de Ton
This easy no-cook Romanian corn and tuna salad recipe is known as porumb si salata de ton.

Romanian Sweet Pepper Salad Recipe - Salata de Ardei or Salata de Piper
This Romanian sweet pepper salad or salata de ardei or salata de piper can be made with bell peppers if Romanian peppers are unavailable.

Easy Polish Carrot Salad Recipe - Surowka z Marchewki
This easy nol-cook recipe for Polish carrot salad or surowka z marchewki is from chef Halina Piedziak of Palac Lochow in Lochow, Poland.

Ukrainian Crab and Corn Salad Recipe - Krab i Kukurudzy Salat
This recipe for crab and sweet corn salad is common among Russians and Ukrainians where it is known as krab i kukurudzy salat.

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