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A Traditional Slovak Velija or Christmas Eve Holy Supper


For Slovak Christians, Christmas Eve and its beautiful velija supper, steeped in tradition and ceremony, prepares them for the birth of the Christ Child. The dinner usually consists of 12 dishes, representing the number of apostles. It is a fasting meal since it is the last day of Advent, but it is by no means a meager meal. Take this virtual tour of a Slovak velija with the Rev. William (Fr. Bill) Conjelko and his wife, Charlotte Pribish Conjelko.
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A Table Set for Slovak Velija or Christmas Eve Holy SupperPreparations for Velija Take All DayPagach bread is dipped into honey.Pagach Bread Is Dipped into HoneyCharlotte Conjelko thickens her pot of mushroom machanka soup.Sour Mushroom Soup Gets a StirMushroom soup is transferred to a heated tureen for service.Pouring the Mushroom Soup into a Tureen
Slovak mushroom soup is served with pagach bread.Mushroom Soup Is Served with PagachBobalki Dough BallsBobalki Awaiting Baptism by WaterBoiling water is poured over bobalki.Boiling Water Is Poured Over the BobalkiMoistened bobalki are transferred to a mixing bowl.The Moistened Dough Balls Are Transferred to a Mixing Bowl
Warm honey is added to the bobalki.Warm Honey Is Added to the Moistened BobalkiAdding Poppyseeds to BobalkiAdding Moistened Poppyseeds to the BobalkiThe last piece of wedding china.The Last Piece of Wedding ChinaTransferring bobalki to a serving bowl.Bobalki Are Transferred to Serving Bowl
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