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Ukrainian Bread Recipes

Here you will find recipes for and descriptions of many Ukrainian breads.

Ukrainian Babka Recipe
Babka and Paska are two of the favorite breads served for Easter in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Easter Bread Recipe - Paska
Ukrainian Easter bread or paska is a richer version of plain white bread that is often decorated with religious symbols made of dough.

Ukrainian Christmas Bread Recipe - Kolach
This slightly sweet egg twist recipe for Ukrainian bread or kolach is served year-round but especially at Christmas.

Ukrainian Soft Rolls Recipe - Bulochky
This recipe for Ukrainian soft rolls or bulochky is frequently eaten with garlic oil as a side accompaniment to a hearty soup.

Pagach Bread Recipe - Slovak / Ukrainian Pagach
Pagach is a bread stuffed with mashed potatoes or cabbage and served at meatless meals, like Advent, Lent and for the Christmas Eve supper known as Velija.

Yellow-and-White Easter Bread Recipe - Paska
This yellow and white Easter bread recipe is known as paska.

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